Sunday, January 06, 2008

Swinging in Soi Twilight

The night started as a regular chit chat session with my Pinoy friends at McDonald's (the official Filipino restaurant in BKK). D's friends, a couple of Australian guys and a British lady (who are traveling around Southeast Asia), joined us later in the evening. Chit chat galore... until the group decided to check out Soi Twilight, which is the gay world's counterpart of the infamous Pat Pong stretch in Silom.

After I watched the ping-pong show in Pat Pong several months back, I decided that I'm not going to "participate" again in anything that involves prostitutes and stuff. I simply find it demeaning. But then, through classic "peer pressure", I tagged along with the group. Anyway, I've long been curious about the "fuck shows" in Soi Twilight, so I figured that I might as well get it over with. (There are way too many quotation marks in this paragraph.)

Among the numerous bars, D brought us to Future Boys. The interior is standard boxing-ring type of lay-out, albeit instead of boxers the main attraction is the skinny boys wearing white underwear. I swear they looked so young to me, like some of them seemed 13 or 15.

One of the first entrees were three men, wearing the requisite white underwear, gyrating on the stage. I initially thought it was standard "macho dancing", which I've seen back home, but then when I looked closer I caught a glimpse of the head of their members showing from the garter of their underwear. Now, that was interesting! One of the guys eventually ended up giving the the other guys some good-old, ehem, oral stimulation.

Am I giving way too much details here?

All right, all right... let's temper this down a bit. So the next routine involved some candle wax dripping over the the skinny boy's bodies, classic 69 on a bamboo bed, and some soapy interlude as well. Yeah, all the cliches. But then, came in the finale, which involved two couples doing some serious fucking while swinging from the ceiling and perhaps all the Kama Sutra positions covered. Definitely there are things that you do not see everyday! Midway in the act, the entangled couples went around the bar doing their stint right on the lap of some of the audience members while asking for tips. The couples and all the other performers actually seemed bored in their routines. It's like, you know, another day at work.

I really find the whole thing freakish rather than erotic.


From Soi Twilight, I met up with the Pranses in a Silom gay club where PJ was also canoodling with his boy. PJ introduced me to quite a number of Pinoy gay guys who were also partying in the club last night. I didn't know na ang dami pala naming bading na nagwo-work sa BKK ha! Ang shaya, shaya!!!

From the club, the Pranses and I wandered around the dark and deserted streets of Silom. He finally opened up about his thoughts on this whole thing between us -- his apprehensions, fears, and all. It was obviously not total good news but I already anticipated most of what he said. Essentially, we realized the cruelty of our impermanent lives in Bangkok. We are transients. He has his plans and I have mine. Six months from now our lives might eventually diverge. Sigh.


Photo credit: Bangkok Eyes


Quentin X said...

Circumstances can be so cruel sometimes. Enjoy the company while it lasts.

fuchsiaboy said...

classic telenovela bullshit drama from the pranses. hay naku! i'm really so tired of hearing such lame excuses. geography is never an excuse if he really wants to make things work. dahling, he's just not into you completely. ang haba lang talaga ng buhok mo kaya naakit sya sayo.

naku, don't dwell on it ever. i will survive dapat ang drama mo. akala nya irreplaceable sya?! mag beyonce ka! the more you don't give a fart, the easier it is for you.

worse case scenario: he might come to his senses and realize what a wonderful being you are but then you realize na di mo na sya type or at the very least he has been part of your history and will be such juicy topic for an interesting anecdote in some high tea party. ako magho-host ng tea party natin! bwahahahaha


kawadjan said...

kumusta naman mga suki!? thanks for visiting ha. i'm amused!

kiks: korak, i-maximize ko na lang ang moments.

fuchsiaboy: maricel soriano ka ON TOP OF vilma santos. eyeloveyouna! i'm looking forward to that tea party. invite mo rin si kiks dun ha. ching!

sarah said...

just another day yot.. wag ma-depress (coz i'm sure you are already.. i can feel it). the future holds a lot of promise for the most good looking gay guy on this planet.

take care you love.. i'm always here for you. fuck the pranses and his blinders. (may halong poot ito)

kawadjan said...

sarah: biggest fan talaga kita. kaya love din kita forever eh. :-)

i'm not depressed naman. exhilarated pa nga eh. confused nga lang. choz! but duh, effect ito ng aking over-analysis mixed with my drama queen instincts. so for now deadma na. enjoy enjoyan lang ang emote. quiver ang future.

...kaya hold your poot. miss you a lot.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

nakakatuwa ang fuschia boy, kuntodo sa miss universe answer. parang melanie marquez throwing the earring that dropped into her dress as she sashayed across the runway.

kung aku naman yan, friendchina na lang bakla. altho ikaw pa rin ang magdedesisyon nyan. if you linger around the presence of a future ex or make that never a reality.

altho again, kasama daflat ang hayup na pranses sa desisyong nagaganap.

haaay, lecheng mga yan!

kawadjan said...

kiks: hysterical ever ang manang fuchsia mo. malamang nga si melanie ang inspiration.

di ko na pinoproblema ang pranses. i hate to say this pero go with the flow na lang akech.

again, salamat sa payo acheng. mabuhay ang kilusan. mabuhay ang rebolusyon. tarosh!


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