Friday, January 04, 2008

Unspeakable Things

Sigh... the Pranses arrived yesterday. Of course, what else is there to do but get our hands on each other! We met in Khao San on the pretense of some drinks, which we ended up having while he talked about his holiday -- cleaning the garden, appreciating the mountains, having long chats with his family, etc.

The cold weather is back by the way. Noticing that, we decided to walk around the vicinity, and this was like past midnight already. We ended up in a deserted park but alas it was closed. But still we managed to sneak inside and did some unspeakable things. Nah, not sex... that's just too risque noh.

From the park we walked around the dark and empty sois (alleys) where more unspeakable things took place between the Pranses and me. It was creepy, the thought of being caught you know. When we sensed that someone was around we disengaged and walked a bit farther until we found yet another dark soi. Aimlessly walking around the twisted sois, we eventually ended up in a small pier along the river. The river breeze was bloody cold, thank god we had each other for warmth.

It was nice looking at his face again, staring at his eyes, feeling his lips on mine, hugging like there's no tomorrow.

The thing is, the Pranses and I have not talked about the real deal between us. Is it important anyway when all of our actions say that we are crazy about each other?


Quentin X said...

Don't rush it; just take it nice and easy.

kawadjan said...

amen! salamat po sa payo.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

just be safe, monogamy-championing kawadjan.


fuchsiaboy said...

anu bah! it is what it is. yun na yun. wag dibdibin at i-over analyze ang mga ganyang drama. kase mare hayaan mong maloka si Pranses sayo kesa ikaw ang sobrang naloloka sa kanya. haler! ang haba kaya ng hair mo kaya dapat sya ang paikutin mo sa iyung mga kamay. bwahahahahaha!

aminin, tama ako.

kawadjan said...

kiks: truelili... safe talaga dapat ever. naku, lalo na here in bkk! katakot!

fuchsiaboy: hay problema talaga ever ang over-analysis ko. halata va? at aaminin ko po (delivered in nora mode): TAMAH! KAH!


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