Thursday, February 28, 2008

Burn Baby, Burn

I miss smoking. It has been three days since my last pack of yosi from Manila ran out.

I know smoking is bad for my health. But who cares? I think smoking is elegant. Most models smoke, don't they? So why shouldn't I?

Cigarettes here in Bangkok cost like 60 baht (Marlboros), the cheapest being 40 baht (which are fucking shitty). That's nearly 50 pesos per pack (and that's the cheapest ha). Compare that to the 30 pesos you'd spend on a pack of yosi back home.

The past months whenever I have friends from Manila who come here for a visit I always ask them to bring me a box or two of Marlboro menthols. However, I've been giving packs to my colleagues and friends here like I'm some fucking Santa Smoking Claus and now all of my stock's gone.

I don't want to buy yosi now coz I know once I have a pack somewhere I'd be smoking like a fucking chimney. I might stack loads of lollipops instead just so I have something to fiddle with.

(That's two posts for today. Bumabawi lang. Besides, I'd be gone for a couple of weeks. Traveling to the north. See you all soon!)


Quentin X said...

Here in Australia, smokes are expensive; about seven times as much. Plus smokers are restricted from smoking in more and more areas including pubs. It has become uncool amongst the young ones. Hopefully, we would soon see a decline in smoking. Do yourself a favour, quit for good. It can be quite painful and agonising later in life. It's a sight I see on a daily basis. I thought I should let you know. Good luck!

fuchsiaboy said...

tigilan mo nga ako sa elegant elegant na dramang yan. di kaya elegant ang smoke breath at maitim na lips mare.

'elegance is refusal'
- coco chanel (yata)


Anonymous said...

San ka papunta bakla? Miss ko na ang northern thailand!

jericho said...

do tell me afterwards if lollipops can replace smoking ... ;)

Kiks Phulumulu said...

I quit smoking here in Canada. Gravah ba naman ang presyo. I dont know if I still would hitit when I go back to HK.

Now I know what to bring when I fly to BKK.

kawadjan said...

ba yan... natakot ako sa dami ng nag comment!!!
relaks mga pare... ows, pare daw oh.

i have one word for everyone... LOLLIPOPS.

(jaytee... went ako ng phrae and buriram to see phra viharn... post ako ng photos soon.)


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