Thursday, February 28, 2008

Halo-Halo Delight

Last Tuesday evening, I dragged the Pranses to a restaurant that serves halo-halo right in the basement of a popular department store in Silom. I only knew through a Thai officemate that My Little Home, the name of the restaurant, serves halo-halo. The place does not even indicate in their menu that they serve other Filipino food such as adobo, pancit, and kare-kare. Only those who are in the know would actually order those dishes. While there are a couple of Filipino food stalls in BKK (inaccessible and chaotic Pratunam), I'm not sure if they serve halo-halo at all. The very day my colleague gave me the halo-halo tip I was instantly on craving mode.

So there I was sitting in My Little Home, beaming like a starving street child when my tall glass of halo-halo arrived on the table. Of course I had to start with the ice cream on top (yeah, we had special halo-halo) and worked my way down. I taught the Pranses how to first properly mix all the ingredients under the thick layer of ice and not until we finished that part of the ritual did we start stuffing ourselves with the delectable dessert.

Each country in Southeast Asia (I heard) has their own version of halo-halo... or at least anything that has crush ice, milk, and some beans or jelly mixed together. I've tried the Thai kind, which is equally interesting.

Halo-halo of course is very MAJOR to me. I swear it's my favorite dessert EVAR. And for some reason, it reminds me of my childhood when all it matters is just eating halo-halo and then I'm all happy. No other food can do that for me, well maybe except adobo and binagoongang baboy. (Tang ina, na-gutom akech.)

The halo-halo in My Little Home did not disappoint. All the basic ingredients were present, except for ube and leche flan. It was also a bit too sweet and could use more milk, but I'm not complaining. And certainly, it was very special coz I was sharing an evening of halo-halo with, ehem, the Pranses.

Photo credit: The Urban Sinner


fuchsiaboy said...

you could have asked the pranses to add more milk! then it would have been very, very, VERY esh-phes-shyal halo-halo!

kawadjan said...

omg, why didn't i think of that?


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