Saturday, March 15, 2008

Missing Pinoy TV

I was at the Filipino store in Silom last night, a routine I do on weekends to munch on a pack of Chippy or Boy Bawang together with a bottle of C2. The Sari-Sari Store, which I featured here before, has a TV that shows a Filipino channel. This is really a big draw for my friends and I especially when we want to check out the showbiz news on Sundays via, sabay-sabay nating sabihing... The Buzz!

Last night, a couple of ABS-CBN soap operas were on (I think one is called Lobo and I forgot the title of the other). Having came across a number of equally revolting Thai soap operas, Filipino soaps are not any better. You know, cheesy plots, predictable story lines, convenient coincidences, rough special effects, etc.

But then, I realized that the acting on Pinoy soaps are way better than in Thai ones. I swear that statement comes from an objective perspective. I was especially excited to see the wonderfully preserved Pilar Pilapil still delivering a fierce performance. Ditto for some of the young actors such as Angel Locsin, the delectable Jake Cuenca, and of course the impeccable Piolo Pascual (pictured). And oh dear, our male actors are more gorgeous and manly than the Thai actors who look like plastic dolls slathered with foundation, smeared with thick eyeliner, and who went on a glutathione overdose.

Meanwhile, my friends and I went berserk when we saw this hilarious commercial of Nestle Cream. But before that, this spot evokes a very authentic feel of Manila's streets, which I seem to be missing already. The cinematography and music are also superb. So I did not see the punchline coming, which sent us rolling on the floor while surrounded by racks of Datu Puti, Argentina Corned Beef, and Maggi Savor.

Major genius! Watch.

The text at the end of the commercial translates: You should've used Nestle Cream.


Quentin X said...

That's a funny ad.
BTW, I like your avatar; it is very arty. Arang ka iyat.

kawadjan said...

hi quentin! thanks for visiting.
the avatar is from some fashion spread i found.
iyat... that's me! uno pa man baja, di ba?

cheers, love.

fuchsiaboy said...

di kasi alam nung asawa na nagdadiet na yung husband nya. ok naman yung salad kaya lang naka pout diet sya e.

pout, air and water lang yung pwede.


Soy said...

great ad. hehe. so pinoy gajud!

kawadjan said...

don: i love your comment. i did not think of that! hahahaha. keep on pouting dear to shed off those bloody pounds. i wanna see CLAVICLE.

soy: hi dahling! nice of you to drop by. the add makes you miss the philippines no?

Kiks Phulumulu said...

i love the new avatar. so you. dapat ganyan na. walang halong pagiimbot. i may do the same (nainspire ako.)

and for the ad and the missing pinoy chuva stuff, hahahaha, nakakatawa eeriely.

Multifuncional said...

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kawadjan said...

kiks: naman, ang avatar. give me a boring saturday evening, tripod, camera, and some good lighting in the bathroom at talagang pictorial na ito. you better do the same dear. remember, elongate the neck, jut the jaw, and talk to the camera. yun lang po.

Islander said...

grabe sab namo kumatawa jaon na commercial. grabe ka tala-tala. tagbalik sa kayag kay kuyang nan cream. hehehe. good R&D, kuha an kiliti nan mga pinoy.

kawadjan said...

sakto jun! pinoy na pinoy ang commercial. lots of irony and humor. :-)


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