Monday, March 17, 2008


In the end, the Bangkok gay scene is a small village where everybody knows everyone. Oh, make that: where everyone has dated everyone. This dawned on me when I went out with friends on yet another night of debauchery in Silom last Saturday with an all-Pinoy gay cast composed of PJ, Singlet, Margie Moran, and moi. The whole evening, I was battered with several incidents of bumping into people who are somehow connected with me or the people I know.

For instance, I saw Hombre, who I went out with a couple of times in September (was it?). He's not really based in BKK but he comes here quite regularly. We haven't bumped into each other in ages and I was quite surprised to see him again after all these months. I would've loved to say hi to him except that I didn't know exactly what to say. The whole time we were in the bar, I agonizingly avoided having eye contact with him for fear of that awkward moment of being forced to say hi to each other, which did not happen, thank God.

Later in the evening, Margie Moran gasped when Mr New Yorker, who he dated several months back, brushed past him. I could not also help shrieking like a schoolgirl when I realized that I went out with Mr NY as well (sans sex, I have to note) on my third week in BKK. Margie Moran seemed to be seething with bitterness over Mr NY for some reason I could not figure out (Margie Moran tried to explain it to me but I could not really pin point where his disgust for Mr NY comes from). While circulating in the cramped bar, Margie Moran and I found ourselves right in front of Mr NY, who seemed to have forgotten who we were. So deadma na rin ang mga bayot.

It was a bummer that the bar had to close promptly at 2 am. Dumbfounded, scores of sweaty gay men streamed out of the bar and milled at the mouth of the soi, not knowing what to do. The Pinoys wanted to head home early as they were supposed to attend mass the next day (mga dalagang Pilipina talaga no?). But before that, we decided to drop by McDonald's where we bumped into a Pinoy teacher, Frodo, who just came out from the bath house (gasp!). He joined us in our table, and the inquisitive bitch that I am, I asked how PJ and him met.

"Nag-sex na kase kami noon," Frodo replied in a as-a-matter-0f-fact way.
"Punyeta, wag kayong magbiro ng ganyan," I retorted incredulously.
PJ said, "Di nga, nag sex talaga kami. Pero matagal na yun."

Damn, who has not dated who? A few months in this city and I realize that my world is shrinking very quickly.

Photo credit: DJ Station


fuchsiaboy said...

so if you think about it parang lahat kayo nagpalitan na ng laway? ewwwwwwwwwwww!

kawadjan said...

naman. ganon ba yun. pero sa totoo lang, kadiri cyang pakinggan, di va? well, ganyan talaga ang buhay ineng.


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