Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2nd Blog Anniversary

"Don't talk to me about rules, dear.

Wherever I stay I make the goddamn rules."

-- Maria Callas

(the photo above is the fierce Sasha Pivavorova as the Divina)

This blog was born on 20 March 2006 through this senseless post. is a sequel to my long-abandoned Friendster blog that I started in August 2005 (which means that I’ve been blogging for nearly three years now).

I realized that there’s just a multitude of bloggers out there who seem to have interesting stuff to say, so I might as well join the fray. I did not have a vision of what this blog is going to be, except as a journal of all things mundane about my boring life, written in the most incoherent way.

From then on, blogging helped me record my experiences and thoughts on a whole range of things -- movies, books, travel, people, fashion, family, dieting, friends, dating, TV, work, exercise, opinions, drama and of course the indispensable faggotry. The entries are pretty random and often pointless, a good reflection of who I am in fact, which is exactly the essence of this blog.

When I started moving around, I eventually used the blog as a means to update my friends about the stuff I’m doing. I know it sounds silly, but whenever my friends ask me what I’m up to lately, I tell them to check my blog “and everything’s there”. Sweetie, that saved me countless of emails and phone calls, right?

Well a few strangers drop by regularly, some of whom stumbled upon my blog one way or another. I really find that rather... cute.

To my 2 readers out there, thanks for standing my vanity.

And 315 posts later, kawadjan trudges. I’m looking forward to more inanities, drama, and camwhoring (of course). Stay tuned bitch.


Lyka Bergen said...

Happy Anniversary Dahling!

kawadjan said...

thanks love. my god, flattered ako dumalaw po kayo... isang blog superstar. i'm not worthy, i'm not worthy... (sabay bow)

fuchsiaboy said...

happy birthday! (samahan ko na rin ng balenciaga city bag, pierre hardy colorblock shoes at isang magarbong alexander mcqueen suit).

dildong made in france, gusto mo?

kawadjan said...

thanks girl.
did you fedex all these stuff to me? dahling, they better be here pronto...
especially the bloody dildo. i need.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

happy anniversary, kawadjan!

ang bamboo mo, te, patuloy na naggo-grow.

keep up, ate. be as wonderfully intelligent, captivating and gregarious as you can be.

bring blogging to a higher level!

kawadjan said...

kiks: salamat sa pagbati (meaning "greetings" ha at di yung you-know-what. choz!).

salamat din sa inspiration na dala ng blog mo. isa po akong malaking tagahanga.


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