Monday, April 21, 2008

Bitch is Going to Own Vietnam

I wish I have packed my bag like a couple of weeks ago. Right now I don't have done any packing to speak of. I couldn't decide if I'd bring all of my four moisturizers. Or whether I'd just leave the toner behind. I cannot make up my mind on which sunblock to bring - SPF 25 or 50? Do I bring my hairdryer? Strawberry-flavored or super thin (kidding!)? Ugh, too many decisions to be made at the last minute. As it is, I can already see my backpack brimming with toiletries (at least half of my bag is toiletries). How can I squeeze in all my scarves, hats, lingerie, couture gowns, cashmere coats, etc?

And what's all this drama about? It's the big V... yes, Vietnam. A country I've always wanted to visit and that dream is happening finally. Two weeks of backpacking around north and central Vietnam. I'm leaving for Hanoi tomorrow and will drop by Sapa, Ha Long Bay, Hue, and Hoi An, the last three being UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And you know me dear, give me a World Heritage Site and I'm cumming.

I can already imagine all the camwhoring that's going to take place. But the dilemma is, I'm traveling alone; who would take my pictures? I'd figure that out when I arrive there.

What I've figured out as of now is my itinerary, which I carefully laid down on a matrix (oh, I love matrices). Such a nightmare it is pala! The thing with this trip is I'm stopping in several towns and for each I have to figure out how to reach these places and where I'd stay. I decided finally to simply give in to spontaneity and veer away from my obsessive planning. Come what may, sabi nga ni Nicole. Charing!

Drama aside, I'm in desperate need of a major soul searching right now. So god knows how big this trip is for me.

I will try to post some pics along the way.

Xin chào Vietnam! Be prepared to be owned!

Photo credit: Virtual Traveller and Crossing Journal


fuchsiaboy said...

always bring the dior haute couture gown. you'll never know, a ball might come up!

and always extra thin my dear. for that extra feeling.

and, and! sana alam mo ang ginagawa mo! if you're lost, i'm just an email away.


Anonymous said...

Looking at that picture of Halong Bay, I'd say go there in early morning, at dawn preferably.I was there around noon time a few SEAMECs ago and it wasn't as chiaroscuroed.


jericho said...

wow Vietnam. when you get back, can you tell us if it's true that Vietnam is the "straightest" country in the world? maybe a side research in your soul searching? ;)

sarah said...

biatch!!! take care you...


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