Monday, April 14, 2008


Kaloka! Di ko kinaya!

But after seeing Khao San last Saturday and Silom last night, I'm having second thoughts of joining the water wars for the last two days of this extremely wet festival. This can get too over the top and I can only have a dose of fun before I get bored.

I'm frustrated actually. Too many gorgeous wet people... but they're all barely legal! Can you imagine watching a phalanx of hot young boys with their wet shirts leaving nothing to the imagination? But then dear, you can't touch them otherwise DSWD is going to catch you. So it's true that Songkran is for kids (and perhaps tourists) only. Khao San for instance was like being back in high school. Silom was just the same. I was expecting more men in gay Silom Soi 4 but dahling it was swarmed by teenage girls instead.

On the gay side, PJ and I were at Silom Soi 2 last Friday and the aray of ravishing men completely made my ovaries hyperventilate. Oh. My. Gawd. I nearly died. I thought: who are these people and where have they been all this time? Asian invasion it was! I don't know if they're Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, or Mongolians, who really cares? They're gorgeous and only that matters.

In contrast, back at the same bar last night, the people were all jologs. Freaks! Ihatethem! Even the dancefloor was less crowded by that bar's standard on a weekend. I was totally disappointed. But then I realized that there was this BIG cirquit party in CentralWorld starting Saturday evening until tonight. So all the gorgeous fags, I suppose, are there. Too bad I have this upcoming trip so I can't splurge on such expensive parties otherwise I'd surely be prancing my skinny ass in the crowd of hawt men. (Note to self: plan for Songkran 2009 NOW.)

Anyway, after two days of relentless waterh splashing, I'm putting my water gun to rest.

(Photos courtesy of PJ.)


jericho said...

wala bang pics ang Silo Soi 2? ;)

kawadjan said...

ay sorry jericho, i don't have pictures of soi 2. basta when you come to bkk i'd show you around the place na lang.

chase said...

wow.. wet bodies.. woooo..


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