Friday, April 11, 2008

Time to Get Wet

I just came back from lunch. Thank god for airconditioner, I'm soaking in manufactured cool air now, a sharp contrast to the sweltering heat outside. And I mean freaking, scalding HOT. I need darker sunglasses. I need SPF 1,000. I need to sleep until the monsoon comes.

When I was walking in my soi (lane/alley) earlier, I noticed that several of the food stalls are nowhere to be found. The place that I frequent to for lunch (akin to the turo-turo system back home) is closed as well. Such a bummer. I decided to settle for chicken rice instead (I know, I'm not supposed to eat at all as I'm already obese!) in this stall in the market with burning air blowing from the ceiling fan. Oh my god, the heat was so bad I had to pick up a bottle of Pepsi from 7-11 along the way. Not Pepsi Max. The original, sugar-filled Pepsi. I know, I know, I've been bad lately. Blame it on the heat!

Walking back to my office, I realized that the reason why my favorite food stalls are closed is the fact that Songkran is here. I heard that most people go back to their hometowns during this festival. Songkran is the Buddhist new year and is also celebrated in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. For Thailand, it is probably the biggest holiday of the year, much like Christmas (ugh) in the Philippines.

Songkran is marked for its water-throwing revelry, attracting tourists around the world, thus explaining why gazilions of foreigners are all over the place lately.

For most Bangkokians though, Songkran is the time of the year to either go home to the province or stay at home. Most of my colleagues are definitely doing the latter as they are just fed up with the so-called water wars. I totally understand them of course. Staying home is the best option as you cannot go anywhere without getting wet (or so I heard). They even throw water at bus passengers. My foreigner friends who have lived in BKK for some time are opting to stay home as well and completely avoid any street revelry.

As for me, I've been looking forward to this festival since the first day I stepped in the City of Angels. And dahling, nobody can stop me coz I'd be all over the bleeding place starting tonight until Wednesday (April 14-16 are holidays).

I would wear my kamison and ONLY my kamison para bakat na bakat at kitang-kita ang aking kaluluwa! Buwahahaha. Anyhoot, PJ and I are already planning to invade the Songkran hotspots of Khao San and Silom. This should be fun and I shall write more about Songkran in the coming days.

Photo credit: BBC News and Awasu


chase / chubz said...

diba there is of the same nature (water throwing actvity) in manila?
umm.. is it in san juan? i forgot.

fuchsiaboy said...

If there's a well there's water.

Sana epektib ang magic kamison mo.

Make sure it's La Perla or Agent Provocateur.

bkkdreamer said...

I am disappointed that you did not mention the cute guy in your first Songkran pic - even if he is fussing over a girl!

gibo said...

oh yeah, it's the time of the year to get wet again. i love songkran, i love getting wet in bangkok :-)

can't wait for the pics!

kawadjan said...

chase: yes, san juan is very similar pero you multiply the scale a thousand times.

don: ukay na la perla ang aking camison. meron ka nun?

bkk dreamer. first... OH. MY. GOD. i'm a big fan of your blog. i'm honored by your visit. wow. happy songkran!

gibo: go na here. may two days ka pa. habol nahhhhh...

Anino said...

Nasa Khaosan ako mula Biyernes hanggang Lunes.hahaha.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I just saw this happening last night on a tv channel. Looks like a lot of fun!


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