Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Losing My Virginity Last Night

Hay back from the long weekend. I realized it had been one week since I last posted here. I was just not in the mood to write last week, although quite a lot of things happened. Like the following resurrections:
  • Monday: Missing in Action Sarah popped on YM. I had an orgasm the moment her icon switched to yellow.
  • Tuesday: My Auntie Vikki and I found each other on YM. It had been years since we last communicated and we certainly had a lot of catching up to do.
  • Thursday: I talked to my mom for the first time in a month. Again, she was on YM, with a webcam at that. God, she looked obese!
  • Sunday: I talked to Daisy on YM (where else?) after about a couple of months of silence. TALKING is the operative word coz for some reason she can hear me but I can't hear her. It was like having my own radio show no?
Obviously, I was very elated by the sudden surge of these "reunions". Despite that, I was weighed by a composite of dread, restlessness, and a pervading sense of glumness. Last Thursday, having been exhausted with the anxiety of the previous days, I woke up thinking "I would be happy today", which somehow helped me get through the day.

Last Friday, I had dinner with the Pranses, who was in BKK for the weekend. After dinner, we watched some violent movie I refuse to name (baka sisikat pa sya. ching!). It was wonderful to hold his hand in the theater even if the film was the LEAST romantic movie around. Later in the evening, I caught up with my house-mate and his Singaporean friend at Khao San where we had some cocktails while watching rowdy and scruffy backpackers.

Saturday was camwhoring galore. I met my new friend Kiwi in Central World, where we had lunch at a beautiful (and cheap) Vietnamese restaurant. I showed him around Erawan Shrine and the nearby klong (canal). We both took pictures of the city just as the sun was setting down. We agreed how photogenic Bangkok is, especially with all its contrasts. As Kiwi put it, "the city has a fascinating mixture of the hard lines of the steel buildings and the graceful curves of the Skytrain". I could not agree more.

The Vietnamese restaurant
Klong near Pratunam during sunset
Scenes from Erawan Shrine
Erawan Shrine is probably the most popular shrine in the city, with hordes of locals and tourists offering stuff for their prayers to be answered. I don't believe in those things of course but I couldn't help wishing that things would go better with me in the coming days. While we were there, the scent of joss sticks wafted in the air and competed with the fumes from the passing cars. People with shopping bags hanging from their arms knelt in front of the shrine, offering garlands of yellow flowers. The shrill of traditional Thai music is played to the noise of the congested intersection.

Kiwi and I moved to Siam Paragon where we met PJ and L. After dinner, Kiwi had to rush back home to prepare for his date later in the evening, while PJ, L, and I crossed to Siam Square to check the wares sold on the street. (No shopping for me coz I'm saving for a trip later this month.) While we were walking down the street, I did not realize that the paparazzis have been hounding me. Damn, I should get bodyguards already. Buwahahahahahaha.
Sunday was my saddest day by far. I don' know why. I woke up to the sound of rain and when I saw the heavy clouds from my window I just felt miserable, coupled with deep despair. Watching episodes of Project Runway on Youtube lifted my spirits a bit. Later in the afternoon, when I felt that I was not entirely over my bout of sadness, I took a relaxing boat ride downriver. I had dinner at PJ's, after which we took the bus to Khao San Road. We sat on the pavement and watched people, while we drank beer and smoked.

Yesterday was a holiday. I felt lazy to do anything else but watch the last episodes of the fourth season of Project Runway. My mood yesterday improved a lot, thanks to the show. Give me faggotry and I'm happy.

Later in the evening, while smoking in the bathroom and waiting for Mr Muscle to work on the bathroom floor and the toilet, I got a call from someone that weed is available somewhere. I swear I haven't tried any illegal substance before. EVAR. But for the longest time I've been curious about weed. Everybody's telling me that it's pretty much harmless so why shouldn't I try it di ba? So off I went to lose my virginity with drugs (drugs ba ang marijuana?).

After smoking a short stick, and feeling a throbbing sensation on my eye sockets, I went back to my room and went down on my knees cleaning my bathroom. I know, I enjoyed my first experience with illegal substance scrubbing tiles and the toilet. To be honest, I did not feel any different. I just felt a BIT numb, similar to being intoxicated with alcohol. Like I thought, yun na yun? Ugh. Exhausted, I crashed on my bed and took a long nap.


Kiks Phulumulu said...

ang sarap mong basahin. walang effort.

question in my head though: some friends i have are being baptized into illegal substance these days.

i had my moments too. napaisip lang ako...

kawadjan said...

hi kiks! salamat po for your generous compliment.

naku, di ko feel ang weed. wa cya effect sa akin. tse. magru-rugby na lang ako next time!

Anonymous said...

Restless ka na naman 'teh! Pero ok lang yan. Know what I realized so late in life? Restlessness is good, because then you get to do more things if you dared. I've been regretting so many things I passed up when I was much younger. Hay...


jericho said...

like losing your virginity with other stuffs ... overrated. ;) still, now you can say that you're a gay of the world. ching!

fuchsiaboy said...


naku day, ang mga supermaos di tinatamaan ng mary jane. mahiya ka naman kay ate kate mo.

next time dahon ng bayabas na may toothpaste ang tirahin mo. i heard malakas daw ang tama. organic pa.

although mas bagay nga sayo ang rugby at supot for that street kid chic look.


kawadjan said...

jt: salamt po sa dalaw! you said "... you get to do more things if you dared", korak. tapangan lang talaga ang mundong ito and i'm up for it. (mag-chika nga tayo next time!)

jericho: oo nga! i cannot agree more. talagang, ano ba yan. kala ko may fireworks. yung lang pala. chucky.

don: i love the organic suggestion. feeling ko yan ang gamit mo now. kase parang glowing ang skin eh. but then, rugby is still a good option dear. pout indeed!

gibo said...

na shock naman ako sa title!

nice pic, i like that boat in the middle.

next time, you have to share your weed. nasa company ang "high". wag ka lang magpapahuli :-)

Lyka Bergen said...

I live up to my name. Bergen pa rin ako dito.... and am proud of it!

kawadjan said...

gibo: sakay tayo sa boat when you visit bangkok. nakakatuwa cya, wag lang habang high ka at baka mahulog ka sa pagka-rumi-ruming tubig. chaka!

lyka: naman... bergen kung bergen. wag mo nang subukan kase talagang over-rated cya. sa blog ka na lang magpaka-loka.

chase / chubz said...

the river looks very clean.. or is it?
i wanna ride one of those

kawadjan said...

chase: hugaw jud tawon ang tubig uy. kanang canal water ba. pero di man nuon cya baho. lingaw musakay ana. you need agility, strength, and speed.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. your pic is so bryanboy-ish! i love it!

-xoxo Jaffy

Japhet said...

GP! have i told i smoked weed twice na? hehehe. the last time, i was sobrang bangag! hehehe. i miss you na sobra!!!! i wish i can visit you there sometime!


kawadjan said...

hi jaf! thanks for taking the time to comment. happy to see you here!

of course the paparazzi shots are inspired by bryan boy. winnie the pooh di va?

come to bkk na, asap. :-)

The Islander said...

haha mura sab tinuod imo pictures. bibo, bibo. nakatawa ko.

ya kaw mingawa nan surigao? haha. laay gihapon diri pero ok ra. living a simple life.

kawadjan said...

hi jun. mingaw man surigao, pero distracted ra ako diri sa bkk. :-)

Japhet said...

girard, i wish! i still can't file for VLs. you naman me, sige balhin nan work hahaha.

hopefully by next year pa. will you still be there?

Anino said...

Ingat ka. Naghihigpit ang pulisya ngayon sa pagsugpo ng droga.

kawadjan said...

jaf: i'd definitely still be in bkk next year. so come na.

anino: thanks for visiting, dear. thanks for the advice too. ;-)


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