Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Bitch... este, Beach

I'm on my third and last night in Krabi, and I have to say that I'm loving this place more and more. Of course I had a better time now than last March when PJ and I spent a night in Krabi. That was one rush of a trip. This time around, we dragged L with us and we're having a ball exploring more of Krabi and, what else but camwhoring (I'm glad I was on a diet a month before this trip).

We weeeerrrrrked Krabi, we really did.

Yesterday we boarded a speed boat and saw the Phi Phi Islands, famous for the film The Beach, and some other islands. We also went snorkeling, which was ok except that I've seen better in good old Las Islas Filipinas.

And today we invaded Hat Pranang, which, as I said in a previous post, is my fave beach EVAR. Fab, fab, fab! I'm crazy over my tan.

More pictures to come later (and I mean MORE!).

We are flying back to dear BKK tomorrow at noon and a few hours later I'm heading off to Saigon for five days for werk (yawn...). I'm missing my lovely BKK already. Sigh.


bkkdreamer said...

I am trying to decide if I like big chest, or trim tummy more....tough choice.

Gayzha said...

Kakainggit kah! I love the real tan on you! Next time, mag t-back ka gurl para covered lahat ng area! Or did you went naked ba?

kawadjan said...

bkk dreamer: blush.

gayzha: love, i forgot my t-back, of all things. next time i'd hang it around my neck para di ko makalimutan. naked is a good option though. thanks for the idea. ching!


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