Monday, May 19, 2008

Saigon at Night

My colleague and I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) tonight. The flight was delayed becuase Air Asia's system went down, which was a good thing coz I had barely a couple of hours to catch my plane after I arrived in Suvarnabhumi from Krabi.

After checking in at our oh so unimpressive hotel, we walked around Saigon. We realized that our hotel's location is quite right in a posh area, with gleaming department stores and hotels just outside our doorstep. God, how ignorant can I be? I thought HCMC is just a notch better than Hanoi. I am quite impressed at how way taller the buildings and how wider and saner the streets are. I have a strong feeling that the bitch is going to love HCMC as well.
We immediately found ourselves in front of the wonderfully lit People's Committee Hall, undoubtedly HCMC's main landmark. A few blocks from it is the river, where we saw a few gaudy boats with diners on board (reminds me of the similar boats in Chao Phraya, ugh). The rest of the evening was spent on sipping beer and smoking.
Oh, the workshop starts tomorrow. I'm thrilled (rolls eyes). I'm looking forward to exploring more of HCMC in the evening in the coming days though.

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