Friday, May 23, 2008

Jollibee Isdatchyu Vah Talagah?

I'm on my final hours in HCMC. Tonight I'm finally in BKK and I could not be happier coz I badly miss BKK.

My stay here had been very uneventful. I met a couple friends of friends (one is Vietnamese and the other is a Filipino); and the rest of the time my colleague and I went around Saigon in the evening after we were released from the workshop. Yesterday afternoon, after the workshop closed, we went around the museums and some landmarks.

HCMC's architecture is grander than that of Hanoi (I cannot help comparing the two), but the latter is obviously more charming. HCMC, as the financial capital of Vietnam, has gleaming buildings rising all over the place and more are scheduled to clog the skyline. I'm afraid it's going to become another chaotic Asian city... hopefully not. There are magnificent colonial architecture in one section of the city though (fortunately close to my hotel), and we focused on those spots.

So I'm dumping a few pictures of my days here in HCMC.

Oh my gawd... HCMC has seven branches of Jollibee. That really drove me crazy with excitement. And what's a Pinoy to do in the midst of Jollibee but gorge on its burgers? Damn, for lunch today I felt like I was back home.


kevin said...

have i told you lately that i love reading about your lil adventures. gawd! :-)

elabona said...

haha.. i bet you never had your picture taken with jollibee while you were still here in the philippines! hehe.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Filipino cuisine at its best!

Anonymous said...

Jollibee - Filipino cuisine at its best!

kawadjan said...

kevin: awwwww... i'm touched. thanks.

ela: YESterday! i wouldn't dare having my pic taken with jollibee in RP. one time lang ang kagagahan na yan, i swear.

peter: i totally agree. and some vietnamese are apparently into it ha. i will not complain at all.


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