Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today I shall blabber. Long post ahead.

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Suvarnabhumi last Friday evening was text PJ that I'm back in rocking BKK. I was still waiting for my luggage to come out when he SMSed back that we should go to Silom that evening. How can I say no after missing BKK like hell? I swear I was kinda exhausted but, sweetie, I don't waste any time when it comes to hedonistic pursuits, do I?

The crowd as so-so... like I've seen a better crowd before. While smoking outside, PJ and I met a group of BKK-based Pinoys, one of which was a fag hag I would love to know. But shortly after introducing themselves, they dashed back inside and I never saw potential fag hag again. I'm sad. Several glasses of vodka later, I was too wasted to go home on my own I had to sleep at a friend's house.

The next evening I met with Kiwi, his Singaporean friend (who was on a visit), and Kiwi's Thai friend (who I also happen to know... more on this later). We had dinner at this pricey Italian restaurant in Paragon (blame the filthy rich Singaporean for this choice; I nearly choked on my food after seeing the price tag) and walked all the way to Lang Suan where a handful of all-Thai gay bars are.

It really fascinates me how BKK's gay scene is classified as either all-Thai or mixed (meaning, some-Thais and some-foreigners) or even mostly-foreigner places. This is not only true among gay clubs or bars but also with saunas and massage places (I heard lang naman coz I haven't been to any of these places... uy defensive!). Until now I still have to make sense of this seemingly rigid classification.

Anyhoot, in Lang Suan... we invaded the first bar in the stretch, which was quite empty on a Saturday night. Whoever was inside, including the waiters, was busy watching freaking Academy Fantasia (Thailand's version of American Idol) on the couple of TVs hanging from the ceiling. Nobody was dancing or flirting in the bar. They were simply stuck to the TV, obviously a major disappointment for us four.

We then chose to move to another bar, very close to the first bar, brimming with gorgeous guys. Despite the stock of mesmerizing men, the music, mostly Thai pop songs, was atrocious enough to drive us out of the bar after an hour or so of desperately trying to withstand the repertoire. Now I remember that PJ and I used to go there quite often but we were eventually fed up with the music and afterwards we always opted for Silom instead.


Lately I've complained how I feel that my world in BKK has been rapidly shrinking. Like everybody I know seems to know the same people I know as well. This happens very often between Kiwi and I. He would say something like... "Oh I was just MSNing with this nice guy who went to New Zealand to study film..." and I would finish his sentence with... "... and who is looking for a job right now?". And he would say, "How the fuck did you know that?". You can figure out the rest of the story.

And this has not happened only once for both of us. (Also, this has happened with some of my friends as well ha.) Kiwi even remarked last night that he wouldn't be surprised if we are actually sleeping with the same people after all. Like, I know, right?

Last night I signed up for yoga classes and gym membership with my friend ADHD (as in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The receptionist who talked to us was amazingly stunning, I swear I could hardly speak when I saw him (and not many men have this effect on me ha... choz!).

After scanning through my registration sheet, which was damp with drool from my own mouth (hahahahahaha), he asked me if I'm from Las Islas Filipinas. And of course I said I'm from Brazil di ba? NOT. So apparently he was in Manila last year, blah, blah, blah, he talked for what seemed like ten minutes... the fag was mesmerized looking at his gorgeous face; I swear I could not remember what he was saying coz I could already feel my ovaries doing somersaults.

In the cab on my way home I told PJ about my latest find and gave him Mr Receptionist's name. And PJ casually said: "Oh, that's the ex of our Pinoy friend Jatujak. They just broke up a month ago. No wonder Mr Receptionist has been to Manila".

I heard "It's a Small World Afterall" playing in the background.


fuchsiaboy said...

watch six degrees of separation if you still haven't.

or sing, Colors of the Wind...'and we are all connected to each other, in circle, in a loop that never ends.' Have you ever heard the wolf cry...!

parang ang icky lang when you said that there's a possibility that your friend and you could be sleeping with the same person. naku!

Japhet said...

close kamo ni mr receptionist's ex? hehehe. if not, why not?! lols

jericho said...

ganun kaliit ang mundo ng bakla? kahit sa thailand na dapat eh solar system?

Quentin X said...

It maybe six degrees of separation for most but in the gay world it is more like two degrees.

kawadjan said...

donita: ang daming laman ng soundtrack! parang gusto kong i-invite si greta sa mga artists... sing cya ng "isang linggong pag-ibig". bagay?!

jaf: we are not close. so why not indeed!

jericho: truelagen. i'm disappointed.

quentin x: amen! di ko like ang concept.

bkkdreamer said...

I didn't know the Bangkok gay nightclub scene was so small. How depressing.

kawadjan said...

bkk dreamer: i didn't expect it to be this small. it's time to move to another city perhaps. hehehe... or maybe not. i love bkk so much.

bkkdreamer said...

Just out of interest, what do you like about it?

kawadjan said...

bkk dreamer: i love bkk's decadence.


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