Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cycling in Hue (Episode 1)

Who would've thought that kids are allowed on the night bus? Yesterday and today are Vietnamese holidays (don't ask me what exactly; probably Labor Day?), therefore, families go on vacation in droves. Of course the kids come along and those creatures throw tantrums like nobody's business in the middle of the night. I was repeatedly tempted to shove them out of the bus and leave them to rot in the rice fields while the other passengers can sleep in peace. I know, I know, I'm mean. Kids are not my favorite creatures anyway.

I'd end the bitching right here.

On the brighter side, in Hanoi yesterday I finally found a battery charger for my camera. Buwahahahaha. On with the camwhoring bitches.

Early this morning, I arrived in Hue. I suppose this is part of Central Vietnam already (oh, I don't bother with those details). I rented a bicycle this afternoon to go around. It's easy to fall in love with this town. The old architecture is amazing and is deserving of being listed as a World Heritage Site.

The centerpiece of the city is the citadel lying on the bank of the Perfume River (Chanel No. 5 isdatchyu?). Hue used to be the capital of Vietnam, hence, the magnificent imperial city consisting of courtyards, towering gates, ponds, temples, etc. The royal court occupied the site but now it is in dire need of restoration. A bit of work is still being done while I was roaming around the walls, which is a sign of better days ahead for such a unique historical landmark.

Ugh, enough of the writing. I'm bored of this. I'd let the pictures speak instead.

Parang nasa China lang no?

Tomorrow, I'm visiting the tombs of the emperors. More bisikleta ito!

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