Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Carried Away

I was walking around with Kiwi at Paragon last night when we realized that Sex and the City was already screening. I had to hold back my self from squealing in the middle of the mall. (I think it was a sneak preview coz the movie will not be released widely until Thursday.) And so after my yoga class, we rushed to the cinema that unsurprisingly was filled with women and gay men.

Hmmm... what to say about the movie? I had very low expectations from the story to start with. And indeed, there was nothing much to it except a two and a half hour extended episode of the TV series. There were the usual funny lines scattered all over the film and a number of enlightening reflections about relationships, blah, blah, blah. I felt that some sections of the film were just stretched too much, but without really adding more layers to the characters.

(Rant: Who the fuck had the idea that Jennifer Hudson should be in that film? It is a totally unnecessary character with a totally unremarkable "actress". She can shove her Oscar down her throat.)

Speaking of which, they're still the familiar characters we knew from the series; however, I would've loved to see them mature or do something different from their usual "personalities". I don't know -- like Samantha finally committing with somebody? Or that Miranda becomes a housewife instead? I'm not sure if that would please the fans though. Anyway, they all had their happy endings that should satisfy every follower of the series.

But what really made the movie more exciting for me is the fashion. Oh, there were lots of it! I was swooned, I swear. At times they were just too distracting as I was focused instead on what belt or shoes the girls were wearing. And the jewelry... love, they were splattered on every scene. The clothes of course were to die for. Who made that jacket that Carrie was wearing when she and Miranda were shopping for Halloween costumes? Who made that dress that Carrie wore when they watched Fashion Week? (It looked like a Dolce and Gabbana S/S 07 to me.) These were the questions running in my head while in the cinema.

Oh did anybody notice the flagrant product placements? Starbucks? Louis Vuitton? Diane Von Furstenberg? Vogue? Hmmmm...

As a whole, the movie can really satisfy fans. It does not pretend to be cerebral. Instead, it's a film for girls (and gays), best watched with friends.


jericho said...

SATC will start showing tomorrow dito. Kaines, not a great time for me to go out and watch. Naglaway ka ba sa fashion? hehe

Lyka Bergen said...

I agree with ur J-Hud obeservation! .... but i like the exchanging of gifts scene of her and Carrie. Naiyak ako dun!


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