Monday, June 02, 2008

Simple Plan

And who've thought I've been here in BKK for eleven months now? I honestly cannot figure out how the months passed by so fast or what I did with them. Lemme see... what did I do... oh, forget it. I had loads of memories, but it seems like they're just this incoherent heap of experiences. Basta, I had fun, fun, fun... and more fun.

With another year in BKK looming (I have a strong assurance from my boss that I'm getting another 12-month contract), the objective for the coming year is settling down. Ay, I'm not getting married yet. Ang chaka ng concept. But I feel that my first year in BKK was full of just coasting all over the place, which was undeniably exciting.

Commercial break, and in the topic of rolling down the river... here's a scene from a minor jetty close to my building. I've been going there regularly to watch the sunset on the Chao Phraya.

Still, I need to just put some stability into my life here... and what I mean exactly, well, I have yet to figure that out. I think it's about planning more long-term, especially with the prospect of staying here for a few more years. And these are not like grand plans or anything. Just trivial stuff that I know would somehow help me feel more... uhm, stable nga. Basta! For one, I need to assert my self more at work. Initiate, initiate, initiate will be my mantra.

And in this line, here are some other goals...
  • Get serious with learning Thai. On my first year, I felt it was impractical to learn speaking or reading Thai if I were to spend only a short time here. To live here long term, learning the language is an obvious must.
  • Find alternative sources of income. Like driving a tuktuk or selling pad Thai in the street. Choz! Really, I have so much free time at work and if I can challenge my self more by accepting some writing jobs, I'd probably be more productive as well. Time to call Thailand Tattler. Charing!
  • Buy a big bed. Ang babaw no? You should see how small my bed is and you would not wonder why I want a bigger one. A queen size bed would not be bad naman. Like, if I get a king size bed I'd be reminded how empty it really is. Choz! Seriously, I would treat my self with a bigger bed. Gusto ko eh.
  • Enroll in a pool. Fuck, I've been planning this for a year now, need I elaborate? Will sign up at the nearest pool by July. I swear.
Hayan, I'd stop right there. I need to accomplish all of them in three months. I will keep the plans simple for now lest I find out later that they are not achievable. Am I reaching for the stars here? I don't think so. Besides, I still need to figure out a slew of other things for my next twelve months in BKK, and these need more serious pondering. Yun na. Bow.


gibo said...

dagdagan ko pa ang list mo: makipag-kape kay gibo...

i have a meeting in bkk end of the month. magkita tayo.

Julius Labay said...

pd ako maki join sa last list mo? isama mo naman ako sa pool enrollement mo hahahah... im wishing to learn how to swim this year para makapag snorkling na rin ako hahaha:) thats what you called high fashion hahaha

kawadjan said...

gibo: ilang mugs ng kape ang kailangan mo? mahaba-habang usapan ito! di na ako makahintay na masilayan ang inyong kagandahan.

julius: bakla ang sirena di na kailangang mag-aral lumangoy. nadududa tuloy ako kung bakla ka ba talaga. hmmmm. tomboy!


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