Monday, July 21, 2008


I can't help it. I spent half of the work-day to tinker with these pictures using Photshop. I just felt the need to post them today coz dahling I worked hard for these damn pics. I hardly have any energy to write about the Penang trip after the manic Photoshopping (choz... kaartehan!), so let's allow the pictures to take us back to the four-day trip.

We took the train from Bangkok to Buttleworth, Penang. It was freaking 24 hours. I've never been on a train for so many hours. It was a good thing that I was with L and Bubbles with whom I discussed how to solve poverty in Africa during the duration of the trip. The seats were folded out as beds in the evening. The continuous rocking of the train put us to sleep.

We crossed the border towards Malaysia and four hours later we arrived in Penang. A fifteen-minute ride on the ferry brought us to Georgetown where the Czarina of Penang met us and whisked us to his palace in the sky.
Later that evening, the Czarina brought us to the food-hawkers central near the bay where we sampled Malay food, among others. I don't have any opinion about food, except that all types of food make us fat. Full stop. Later in the evening, we sat outside the balcony of the Czarina's palace in sky and drank Vodka 'til 4 in the morning.
The next day, we went around Georgetown's historic sites. Ugh, there were too many to mention and I feel lazy right now. Basta, Georgetown blew me away. The amazing mix of British colonial, Indian, and Chinese influences makes it an architecture-lover's dream. Truly, the place is worthy of its recent listing as a World Heritage Site.
That evening, we went to a bar/restaurant where a drag queen sings blues and jazz interpretations of Mariah's and Whitney's songs. He is divine! From there we moved to the club strip of Penang, where we ended up in a club (of course). After finishing a bottle of vodka, we had some post-clubbing dinner where the paparazzi caught me. Ugh.

The next day, we crossed back to Buttleworth. The train was canceled so we had to take a three-hour taxi ride to Hat Yai. We reached Hat Yai at around four in the afternoon and took the train back to BangCock.
Oh, did I mention I camwhored in Penang? All photos below were taken by no less than the Czarina. Thanks a lot dear for bringing out the Ana Bayle in me.


fuchsiaboy said...

what can i say?

day, wala akong masabi except...

kulang ang fierceness mo! (inggit mode)

jericho said...

in-effort talaga ang photoshop. venggan ang picture mo on top of those barrels. so vintage. ;)

reyna elena said...

hahaha like jericho said, effort ever ang photoshop hehe impiernes ang galing nang posing mo 'day! me likey likey yung sa phone!

glad you guys posts pics of malaysia at sana bangcock too kasi i've never been to these places and you guys are lucky palipat lipat lang kayo!

i have no clue what malaysia looked like kundi sa mga blogs i would have no clue, ang ganda pala! thanks for the pics!

Kiks said...

bengga chuwera ang ferzness ng loka.

blag ang anna, chiu and all the mudals in the verld.

winerrk out talaga ang mga bariles at batos.

B for Bungga!

Lyka Bergen said...

Ang ganda ng pag-present! Vongga!

At bakit wala si Gibo sa pics? Sya ba yung naka-blue na tube at mahaba ang vuhawk?

rashidsmom said...

hoy dyke! stop smoking ka na ur lips are so darrrkkk. may sunblock ba para sa lefs?! La Mer?! :) peace sister. eyelavyah!

Morofilm said...

I miss Penang, Sarap ng food at yung cute Indian-Malay boy na nah*** ko dyan. Balahura no.

kawadjan said...

donita: ang hirap mo naman i-please. ginawa ko na lahat pati humalatay sa puntod di ka pa rin ma-please. hmp.

jericho: historical place yan dapat. eh i wanna desecrate it. wala silang magawa.

reyna elena: maganda ang malaysia, your highness. truly asia nga sya. choz! of course first love ko ang bangcock. dami na rin akong pics of the city of angels in my previous posts.

kiks: salamat po. fierce ka rin kaya sa "protest" photo shoot mo. i bet vogue cover na naman yan. ching!

lyka: how did you know that is gibo?! gasp! secret lang dapat yan.

sarah: dahling, smoking keeps the pounds away. and what's wrong with dark lips? look at naomi (sa taas). hugs. kisses.

teng: hotness nga ang mga indian-malay, pero nosebleed naman ako sa fashion sense nila uy.

iris said...

Hey, hey, hey! It's nice to be in touch again. Looks like you're having a blast in the Land of (Fake) Smiles and its neighbors. I love, love, loved Penang when I was there, and I hope to visit again soon. We really should do a better job at keeping in touch! ;-)

kawadjan said...

hi iris! we should together werq bkk sometime soon. all the best for you, love.


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