Sunday, July 13, 2008

And Yet Another Letdown

It's 4:08 am. I can't sleep. I've been trying to for the past couple of hours now, still the big disappointment of the evening haunts me.

I was supposed to meet Snejana Onopka, who I introduced in my previous post, tonight at Soi 4 to attend my friend Martha Graham's birthday party. Since he did not give me a specific time for us to meet, I milled around CentralWorld at around 7 pm and eventually ended up at Heidi's place until about 11-ish. From there I met the Pranses at Soi 4, which was quite cool coz he and I haven't seen each other in like a gazilion years.

Anyway, I waited and waited for some news from Snejana but I waited in vain. Shortly after midnight, I pranced to the party of Martha Graham, gave him a beso-beso, and ordered a glass of vodka as proceeds from the alcohol go to a charity or something (oh dear, I'm getting my Nobel Prize tomorrow). I tried calling Snejana. The phone rang for eternity. My SMS went unanswered as well. Nothing from him at all.

Feeling defeated, I quickly sneaked out Martha's party (I stayed for less than ten minutes) and took a cab to Khao San Road where Bubbles* was partying with his straight girl friends (gasp!). Always, always, friends are there to bring me comfort and I couldn't be more than thankful for that.

The evening began with such a giddy anticipation of meeting Snejana again. It is very rare indeed that I come across someone who really, really interests me (for crying out loud, I even started writing about him on this blog. Can you actually remember the last time I mentioned some freaking bastard here?). But then he is a big letdown afterall.

The fact is, it was not even my idea to meet him tonight (or last night I should say as it is already Sunday now). He invited me out when I could've instead opted for a peaceful evening at home and finish my knitting, right? (Nah, I committed to be at Martha's birthday.) Where then is this bloke's decency to at least SMS me that his plans had changed? Oh, did I just mention decency? That's what people lack these days, too bad.

I've been through many, many disappointments in the City of Angels (and I'm talking about men here). Yet, tonight was a big blow because Snejana seemed sincere. That only shows what an absolutely excellent judge of character I am.

Oh well, what a waste for a weekend.

Disappointments, I have to get used with these soon enough.

Note to self: Suck it up and live with it.

* The fag formerly known as PJ; the new name was suggested by the Czarina of Penang.

Photo Credit: My sister's.


Japhet said...

awww hugs.

jericho said...

bail out is a bitch... ;)

sumanesq said...

If your blog is any indication of the kind of person you are, he's the one who should be disappointed he missed out. Hang in there!

gibo said...

kainez. naka-oscar de la renta ka pa naman last weekend.

it was his loss my dear, he missed half of his life.

kawadjan said...

jaf: love, you better teach me your whoring skills ASAP. i'm tired of being nice. choz!

jericho: YESterday! speaking of bitches... i can also be a bitch if i want to. time to change gear no?

sumanesq: thanks, dear (and thanks for dropping by).

gibo: oscar de la renta resort 2009, to be specific. and towering christian louboutin shoes. oh gibo, you flatter me. but i know, i know... i'm the best catch around. (sabay kidlat!)

Japhet said...

girard: love, just let go of the maria clara in you. if you have watched the Miss Universe this morning, the slutty-looking girls were all in the top 15; the regal-looking and mahinhin are out. so get your ass up and go fuck the next guy who sits beside you in the skytrain or subway lol. you're the queen of bangkok dear; own it as i own manila! LOL

kawadjan said...

jaf: i watched the Miss U twice! i'm certified gay (as if that is not obvious enough, haler?!). OMG, another invitation from Snejana just minutes ago. should i go or not? hmmm...

emotera from surigao

rashidsmom said...

that Snejana needs a good slap ha. Kulang siya sa GMRC. Was he absent when those classes were taught in school!?

well.. life is short so let that damn Snejerjer fall in love with you na!!! Go na kung go!

kawadjan said...

sarah: you always have the most practical advise, love. we need to send Snejana to John Robert Powers, Cora Dolorosa School, and the Joji Ilgan Foundation... on top of St Scho and Assumption... kung di pa cya matuto ng GMRC ewan ko na lang.

Japhet said...

gir: go go go! but remember, don't fall in love, yet. just play the game he wants to play...and play it damn good!


kawadjan said...

jaf: we did meet... this time he showed up, albeit late. oh well. had a sensational time together... haven't had anything like that in a long, long, long time. dahling, no love here. no games. friends instead. :-)

Hedonist said...

Aww, I'm so glad I read the comments! At least I got to find out that you did meet in the end and you enjoyed it!!
Go for what your heart tells you but don't expect what you'd like, play the game, he's got as much to win as you do!

kawadjan said...

hedonist: thanks for that practical advice. i just have to watch my self. :-)


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