Friday, July 11, 2008

Spectacular! Spectacular?

Hmmm... someone started his weekend rather early. In fact, I skipped the last hour of the workday yesterday, just to meet my friend Snejana Onopka, who is a professional tour operator catering to Russian tourists. We picked up three groups from various hotels in the city, the van crawling in the rush-hour traffic. The destination of the day is Siam Niramit, the popular... hmmm... what do you call that thing... it's like a theatrical extravaganza of everything Thai - its history, dances, religious beliefs, and festivals.

I rolled my eyes when Snejana told me that he's taking me there, after all, I have seen the chintzy "spectacularization" of Thai culture in Phuket Phantasea last March (see post here). Nonetheless, it's a free ticket, so who am I to refuse?

We had dinner at Siam Niramit, and afterwards, I tagged along the Russian group as Snejana brought them around reproductions of traditional Thai houses from the various regions of the country. That section is surprisingly tamed, none of the garishness that I've seen before in other places, hence, it has a more authentic feel to it.

Inside the show, I was lucky to get a front-row seat so I could keep a close eye on the performance. As always, I slept. (I have this odd habit of sleeping in cinemas and theaters unless I have a hand to hold on to. I swear.) Ok, I slept in the first part, for about ten minutes during the traditional Thai dances. The rest of the show was, uhm... unremarkable, except when a canal appeared on the stage, with boats floating across it. It even rained on stage.

Production-wise, Siam Niramit definitely pales in comparison with Phuket Phantasea. The latter has more histrionics (a dozen elephants, flying trapeze artists, tigers, more dramatic lighting, stunning stage design, etc.), however, Siam Niramit presents Thai culture in a more enlightened context. For instance, the audience actually can focus on the dances rather than the distracting lighting or shifting sets (that was all over the place in Phuket Phantasea). Would I recommend Siam Niramit to friends? Hmmm... I say better spend your money on reading a book on Thai culture if you want to know more about it.

After the show, Snejana Onopka and I went to Soi 4 for some beer. We hanged out at this Greek restaurant that had three Pinoy waiters (gasp!). It is of course always cool to see kababayans around. Anyway, the conversation between Snejana and I was nothing short of awesome. He is a very intelligent and sensitive guy, and mesmerizing eyes, I have to add. Blush. Was it a date? Hmmm... I don't think so. Blush again. But he is going to be in my radar. Let's see how this goes, girls. Two of his girl friends joined us later in the evening and dahling, they're gawgeous. Why didn't anybody tell me that Ukrainians are ferosh?

So there, an early weekend for me. The next few days are going to be full as well... rampahan, kabaklaan, hedonism, world tour, ribbon cutting, etc. (Ilusyonadang bading.)

Oh, faggots, please don't forget to watch Miss Universe on Monday. Does anyone know which channel on True Visions it is going to be on?

Photo Credit: Siam Niramit


The Islander said...

wow theater kon theater.

rard lahi na tuod ako blog address kay na-hack an ako old blog. this is the new one: thanks.

kawadjan said...

jun: ay shocking. sayang. :-( will update my links.


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