Sunday, July 06, 2008

Not a Happy Ending

The weekend is on it's final h0urs. Gotta recap, as usual.

Friday evening... went around Siam Square with Heidi; picked up a studded belt; went to Silom Soi 4 for Beer Lao; bumped into Nikita; had more beer with nice Australian friend Kylie.

Saturday... had lunch with Bubbles, L, and Nida Blanca at Central World; watched Kung Fu Panda (which drove me kerayzeeee!); went to the birthday party of Aimee Marcos and moved to Landmark Hotel for more beer (Pinoy band at the bar); stumbled into Silom Soi 2 with Pinoy baklas Bubbles, Margarita Moran, Singlet, and Jatujak; flirted with this hottie but went home alone (I was a good boy).

Sunday... visited the Royal Barge Museum with Heidi; walked to Wang Lang Market; visited two temples along the Chao Phraya; met Bubbles at Hualampong Train Station to buy tickets for Penang (buwahahahaha).

This is where things went downhill for my supposedly clean weekend.

Our bodies were weary from so much walking. Heidi and I found this decent massage place at a decent area. We each had private cubicles. I slept during the back massage and woke up only during the head massage. The masseur offered something that, well, I did not resist (I was aghast that this happened at a decent massage place ha). I feel awful until now. Truly, truly revolted at my self for falling into such abhorrent act, which you can guess already.

I'm very, very judgmental of my self. I am pretty secure of my "integrity" (as I define it for my self but not necessarily how I see others), although I do live in a city that has boundless opportunities to lose one's morals easily. I did something that was against my values. I reached a low point today. No excuses for what I did, but truly I regret it.

Obviously, I'm not proud of my actions tonight. However, I need to write it here coz only then can I forgive my self. This is an act of confession. I acknowledged to have done something disrespectful to my self and to other people. And I shall never do it again.

Having said that, this is where reconciling with my self starts.


Japhet said...

haha. dear, when you do whore-ible things, think of me afterwards, and make me your excuse...coz i'll always be the sluttiest of us all. echoz lang! hahaha!

anubers, ok lang yan noh. but lech, i haven't done that pa ha. i'll give you my crown then ahahaha!

gibo said...

it was a good prelude for the body to body chuvalo na naghihintay sa iyo sa penang :-)

Anonymous said...


i think the thais dont have what we pinoys have - christian guilt. That's why they have the best of both worlds body and soul. chos!


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