Sunday, August 03, 2008

"Everybody needs a shipwreck once in a while"

It has not happened on one occasion alone that when I hang out with BKK-based Pinays Nida Blanca and L the topic of conversation somehow swerves towards Temptation Island, the 1980 classic cult film.

Of course I've heard of the movie several times before, but I was not born yet on the peak of its popularity, whereas Nida Blanca and L were already around when the film came out and they obviously share the passion for it. They do like walking down memory lane, talking at length about the actors and actresses who I don't know.

This left me very curious why the movie should be a recurrent topic between them.

I also remember Nida Blanca's boyfriend spewing with remarkable panache one line after another from Temptation Island. At that time I resolved to grab a copy of the movie somewhere.

I finally got wind of the news (I think through Chuvaness' blog) that it is available on Torrent already. I immediately downloaded it, and the whole affair took about one week.

Last night, I finally saw the movie and now I totally understand what the bayots (ok L, let's count you in here) are crazy about.

It is nothing short of hilarious, especially the campy acting and the guffaw-inducing lines. The latter is pretty much the hallmark of the film, having achieved its place in the annals of Filipino movie history with lines such as:

Azenith: Walang tubig, walang pagkain. Eh 'di magsayaw na lang tayo.

The character who seems to have the most chutzpah-filled dialogue is Joshua, the gay beauty pageant organizer.

Suzanne, on the other hand, is the bitchiest of them all. I would not be wondering if my mom made lihi on her when she was pregnant with me. I especially adore how she incessantly maligns her maid with gusto. In fact, as a satire of Manila's nauseous classist society, Temptation Island succeeds fabulously indeed.

I'm definitely watching the movie again, and maybe several times more after that. Don't be surprised if I somehow manage to memorize lines from the movie eventually. How about I start with this?:

Suzanne: Oh, it's a bright sunny day. Why are you all frowning? Maria, my suntan lotion!
Maria: Yes, señorita.
Suzanne: As I was saying, it's a bright sunny day. A day in the life of the sun rays. This is how I begin my day. An hour tender loving care in the eight o'clock sunshine. That's the secret behind my youthful complexion. It's just like we're by the poolside.
Azenith: Could it be that you're sunstroked?!?
Suzanne: It's Miss Manila Sunshine, not Miss Manila Suntroke.
Azenith: Is that why you joined the contest?
Suzanne: I joined this contest because I was bored. Terribly, helplessly bored.
Azenith: For your information, we were shipwrecked! And right now, we are in the middle of nothing!
Suzanne: So what's new? Everybody needs a shipwreck once in a while.

For more quotes from the film, check this link.


Gibo said...

i like the sabunutan scene. it looks better than their mala-tuod dance scene.

L said...

>>Last night, I finally saw the movie and now I totally understand what the bayots (ok L, let's count you in here) are crazy about.<<

Hehe, no worries. I'm honored :) mwehehe :P.... so finally got to watch it. At last, kilala mo na kung sino si Azenith Briones :)

fuchsiaboy said...



What are bitches for? But to bitch around with other bitches!

kawadjan said...

gibo: nothing saves a movie but a sabunotan scene. sabi nga ng isang starlet: the more manyer. and in this movie ang daming sabunotan na naganap.

l: actually si azenith ang pinakamaganda. pangalan pa lang talbog na lahat ng girls.

donita: kaloka nga! yan din ang isa pa sa mga lines sa movie! i swear i'm watching it again tonight.


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