Monday, August 04, 2008

Hold It!

Because of my current state of destitution, I had a quiet weekend; meaning I did not go out drinking or clubbing. I heard the gays at Silom were looking for me, but dahling, I could not bothered. LOL.

And certainly no shopping either (thank God, shopping buddy, Heidi, was in Korea. Peace, Heidi! Heheheh.). As far as I'm concerned, I'm on a shopping moratorium within the next two months (if I can help it). But first, let me share my latest acquisition. I bought these pair of cheap shoes from Siam Square with Heidi, who also got something very similar to this. The brand is called Oh My God. We do love the creativity of the Thais, don't we? Also last weekend I bought a polka dot sweater. It does not really make sense why I bought it coz we all know how sweltering hot it is in BKK. But shopping does not always make sense, does it?

Fuchsiaboy, isdatchyu?

Remind me to clean my mirror, ok?

Friday evening, Snejana Onopka invited me to his place "to watch a DVD", and we all know what that means. Like how many times have we actually fallen (albeit willingly) into this trap of "watching a DVD"? The film of the evening was The Pillow Book, which of course we did not bother to finish. So this Snejana business is going better than I expected, especially after that disappointing evening more than a couple of weeks ago. There's certainly some promise in this new venture. Still, that's all I can say for now.

Saturday evening was totally lackluster. Or at least that's what I thought until I watched the new season of Project Runway on Youtube. This was followed by Temptation Island, which for me was the highlight of my weekend.

Yesterday, Bubbles and I took a long bus ride to House (pretty much on the other side of town) to catch Un Ano Sin Amor (A Year Without Love, 2005), an Argentinian film about an HIV positive gay man who explores S&M. Scenes of the latter were totally cringe-worthy and the rest of the film was soporific.

Bubbles and I hanged out in the lobby of House for some serious camwhoring. And then we moved to Central World to people watch.

At the lobby of House.

By the fountain at Central World. Japan, Japan or Korea, Korea?

We then window-shopped where I found this gorgeous striped sweater, 60 percent off. Ugh, such bad timing no? But then, I mustered enough will power not to buy it. Even if I had money, tell me who needs a fucking sweater in BKK? Still, I badly wanted it (again, shopping is not about practicality, honey). I swear I heard that piece calling my name.

Muntik ka nang maging akin.

Fortunately Bubbles dragged me out of the botique. Hay, looking at those clothes that I could not afford dampened my mood (at least I got a photo of it). Note to self: avoid window shopping from now on. And oh, I also found a pair of red sneakers in Zara that I might get next month.

Did I just mention I'm on a shopping moratorium? Well if I did I may reduce it to one month instead.


fuchsiaboy said...

hay naku pag ako nyan binili ko na dahil 60% off! di na lang ako kakain at maglalakad na lang talaga ako. hehehe

it's so funny because I bought a polka dot vest and a polka dot shorts kahapon sa sakrolay.

and the shoes is very me. winner! nice choice mare. size 9 ako, alam mo di ba? bagay rin sa akin yan.

um, pakibili naman ako ng fantastic man na latest and arena homme +. bayaran kita when we meet.

at mare pakipunas ng mga Junior Bonotan DNA mo sa mirror. Naghahasik ka na naman ng lagim!


What are bitches for but to bitch around with other bitches?

rashidsmom said...

whats with the whoring with Snejana!?! Di ka na ba talaga natuTO?! (cue in Gary V song)..

ok fine just shag and don't fall in love okey dear? tama na ang isang depressed slut sa pamilya natin (choz).

glad you got your visa :)

*kiss sabay hug*

kiel said...

hay naku dapat binili mo nayung striped sweater - bagay sa yo.

at naaliw ako sa red sneakers plan mo. i have a thing for red things lately, too.

kawadjan said...

donita: hay, too late. di ko kayang balikan ang sweater. kakain ako ng papel for the next month (come to think of it, it's not a bad idea no?). thanks for reminding me about the mags. and the DNA, i've cleaned them up already.

sarah: ano ba!!!??? ang aga naman to talk about love. you're more excited than me ha. love you for that. p.s. you better visit me asap before my visa expires (2010).

kiel: hay naku, kung di lang talaga ako poor right now, bibili ako ng isang dosenang sweater. hihihi. red siguro ang hilig natin now kase naghahanap tayo ng pagibig. chozzzzz!

Gibo said...

i love the shoes and the sweater. you might need the sweater ya know, it gets cold in ukraine. chos!

jericho said...

at least may picture ka. souvenir man lang. ;)

leviuqse said...

i luv the shoes and the long sleeve shirt at the last pic! so chic

kawadjan said...

gibo: ay, i think i need more than a sweater doon di ba? i need those burberry coats and D&G scarves and lanvin boots.

jericho: korak... at least i realized that stripes make me fat. (bitter!)

leviuqse: shopping ka dito sa bkk... orgasmic.

wanderingcommuter said...

visual illusion ba?! hahaha... magaya nga. hahaha

kawadjan said...

wandering commuter: truelagen, sustagen. go, pout. work it. thanks for visiting ha.

Lyka Bergen said...

Love ko talaga ang look mo ineng. Inggit ako. Tse!

kawadjan said...

lyka: juice ko, mas bongga kaya ang looks mo sa Project Runway eklavu nyo. i swear sasali na ako sa second season. tse!

Japhet said...

bitch, i love your shirts!!! jesus, i'd really need loads of moolah when i get mu fuckin' ass there! can't wait! LOL



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