Thursday, August 07, 2008

Let the Games Begin

Damn, I was supposed to post a book review today, but while browsing through my favorite blogs, I found some amazing fashion shoots that were infected by the current Olympic fever.

Yes, finally the 2008 Olympics is opening tomorrow evening. The opening ceremonies are always, always grand. The most memorable for me was in 1992 when Barcelona hosted the games. Atlanta, Sydney, and Athens did not leave so much of an impression on me.

I wonder what Beijing has up its sleeves. Honestly, I have very high expectations. God, this has been one controversial hosting by China, but this post is not about that.

As I said, I want to post sample pictures of how the Olympics is inspiring fashion spreads. The first is a collection from Vogue Korea for August 2008. And the next is from Harper's Bazaar for August 2008 with Lucy Liu on the cover. Now who says fashion and sports do not mix?


Lyka Bergen said...

Bat naging mukhang Pokwang si Lucy sa cover?

W. said...

One of my best friends is the chief editor of the Asia Vogues, he'll be in Bangkok next week, and we'll see him again over New Year's in January (one of my fave times to be in Bkk). Maybe you'll run into him in Silom, he's a rather large, shaved head American, very fun. One of his favorite hangouts is Tawan Bar. Cheers! --Will

Kiks said...

mukhang masaya naman syang (lucy liu) tignan, lyka. naninibago lang siguro ako sa dresses.

i am so looking forward to the opening of olympics 08.08.08.

altogether watch na!

jericho said...

may fashion din sa olympics? na-disappoint ako. i was looking forward to seeing less clothes .. chos!

BangkokDan said...

Great first shots, thanks for uncovering!

kawadjan said...

lyka: kaw talaga. ang layo ni pokwang kay lucy... baka ibig mong sabihin kamukha ko si lucy?

will: thanks for dropping by. oh dear, i hope your friend finds some fashion inspiration from tawan.

kiks: korak! mega watch talaga ako ng opening na yan. kumusta naman ang mood ng HK sa olympics?

jericho: hahaha. fave ko talaga ang swimming, diving, at gymnastics sa olympics... doon wala silang halos clothes.

bangkokdan: thanks for visiting. i didn't know you were also into fashion. cheers!

Gibo said...

i love pics # 1, 2 and 3. we can have our own version of this along the mekong :-) mala-dragon boat inspiration. keri mo?

meawnwhile, we should really go to Tawan, dont you think?

kawadjan said...

gibo: this laos trip is one big photo shoot. i cannot wait! :-) dahling, tawan is so against my morals. hahahaha. morals daw oh!?


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