Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some Random Stuff

Well, yet another weekend report, if anybody is interested.

Friday was pretty much spent on anticipating the opening of the Olympics, which turned out to be a huge disappointment. I know that lots of people like it, but for some reason the show did not connect with me. I was not thrilled nor awed; in fact, I nearly dozed off. I did not bother with the parade of athletes and only tuned in again during the lighting of the cauldron (or whatever that thing is called). I fell from my chair at the absurdity of the athlete with a torch in hand running on the rim of the stadium. What exactly were they thinking?

I discovered Project Runway Australia through FuchsiaBoy, and I watched its first few episodes on Youtube in the afternoon of Saturday. When my eyeballs were ready to pop out, I scampered over to CentralWorld to read at the bookstore, a weekly pilgrimage I'm trying to maintain.

I found these young Thais dressed up like anime characters outside the mall. Aren't they just cute? I especially liked the guy in the kimono... I've always wanted to wear one (the kimono, not the guy). And yeah, the guy is pretty, dontcha think? I wonder where you buy those cheekbones...

From CentralWorld, I crossed over to Big C to watch the sunset. Oh Heidi, I still insist on wearing my striped, blue moneyboy shirt. I caught my self in the mirror at the mall and gasped at the moneyboy looking back at me. I know that shirt is hideous, but somehow I like it coz it's quite controversial. Hahahaha.

I met up with Snejana Onopka and the plan was to watch a film, but it turned out that we did not like the schedule. Thank god, he changed his mind about the film coz I don't want to waste my time and money on Journey to the Center of the Earth.

We decided instead to hop on a tuk-tuk for Khao San Road. We ended up in this street-side "bar", if we may call it, that serves cheap, but strong, cocktails. He had gin tonic and I had vodka with pineapple juice, costing only 150 baht per bucket (not a even a glass, dear). I'm SO becoming a Khao San Road regular from now on.

Today I met Nida Blanca in Silom. I paid him the tickets for Udon Thani (for my Lao PDR trip) coz he has a credit card (goodness, credit cards and me are not compatible). He also gave me the copies of Twisted 8 and Soledad's Sister, which I asked him to buy for me when he went home to Manila a week ago. I'm still currently reading Catfish and Mandala, a novel about a road trip through Vietnam. I wish I can read faster coz I really have a serious book backlog.

There, another weekend's over. Back to the drudgery of work tomorrow. Tuesday is a holiday in the Land of Smiles as it is the queen's birthday and also mothers' day. Looking forward to lunch with Pinay friends on Tuesday.

Have a nice week ahead, bitches.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog, because it is positive about Thai life and your experiences here.

They contrast with the negative and unpleasant views which I have found on one of the blogs which appears in your blog roll, called Goddess I Am.

Are you happy to provide a platform for this blogger's views? After a stay of just 12 months in Thailand, she has concluded that Thais are mentally deficient.

The woman sounds bitter and nasty. And she calls herself a writer! Not with a mind as closed as hers, she isn't.

kawadjan said...

anonymous: one of the beautiful things about blogging is that it has given us freedom to express our opinions. some bloggers may not agree with our taste, in which case you are also free to dispute them or not read them altogether. but then, a blog is a personal space and should be respected.

Kiks said...

masarap talagang magwalk around thailand with a camera in hand. and a kimono.

Anonymous said...

You mean people are entitled to express their opinions as they see fit. In that case, we can take it that you are happy to provide a platform for a blog in which this woman says Thais are rubbish.

I think it's time you upped yourself, as the Thai has it - unless you want readers to think you think the same way.

kawadjan said...

anonymous: my blog roll does not endorse anybody's opinions as my mediocre blog does not have the least moderate influence on anyone at all. those links are there because i like to read those blogs. the suggestion that i think the same way as the bloggers in my links is beyond absurd and i have no idea which imbecile would accuse me of that.


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