Sunday, September 14, 2008

Overcast Weekend

I've been loving the rainy weather of the Big Mango lately. It's been cloudy since Thursday and rain comes in torrents on different periods of the day. I've always been a big fan of rain coz it reminds me of Surigao's weather. 

It's also nice to cuddle during these times, don't you think? But alas, I have no one to cuddle with at the moment so I chose to distract my self from that awful reality during the weekend. 

Heidi and I planned to bike around Rattanakosin, the old district of BangCock where the Grand Palace is, last Saturday afternoon. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration just came out with this program that provides free bicycle rides around that section of the city. Isn’t that just neat? 

However, Heidi and I were too engrossed on camwhoring around the old fort of Phra Arthit, a small but fabulous park along the river (one of my favourite parks in the city), that we lost track of time. Soon enough, dark clouds loomed in the horizon and eventually rain pelted the city. The cycling plan was of course scratched from the itinerary. 

Bubbles, Heidi, and I found ourselves in the river-side house of Miss E for dinner last night. It was the birthday of one of her friends and for some reason we were invited. We realized that it was an all-Filipino party, and we all know how noisy and fun that can be.

Sunday, Heidi and I found ourselves in Chatuchak again. That’s two weekends in a row now. While we were there last week, we were not in shopping mode and we pretty much left the market empty handed. This time around our shopping hormones were on full blast. 

I found some colourful (yet cheap) shirts. I’m currently working on plain basics now coz I plan to focus on accessories in the coming months. I have to get hold of some blazers and scarves soon enough. But for now I have these four pieces I’m adding to my wardrobe. 

I really wanted to grab more stuff from Chatuchak but I'm honestly as poor as a rat right now. Now who do I need to blow around here...?

Somebody please remind me that I’m still on a shopping moratorium! Oh dear, I’m not eating in the coming days. Which is not bad really coz I noticed I’ve been gaining weight lately. 

Photo Credit: (1) and (2) by Heidi


Japhet said...

naks, mowdel!!!

wanderingcommuter said...

busy but sure one fun week for you... inggit!

Lyka Bergen said...


fuchsiaboy said...


nagkamoratorium ka pala sa shopping?

di ko napansin.

jericho said...

type ko ang mga shirts. at kailangan talagang itaas ng konti ang 2nd one .. hehehe

kawadjan said...

jaf: emote ra ton.

wandering commuter: it was fun. for some reason mas busy ang weekends ko kesa weekdays.

lyka: nagtataray ka na naman. hihihih.

don: naku, kung wala akong moratorium ewan ko na lang kung anong pagbibilhin ko.

jericho: i know it was a mistake! now people have an idea how much weight i've been gaining lately. ugh!


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