Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bangkok Streetsyle

I've repeatedly gushed how stunning fashion is in the City of Angels. Since day one I've been mesmerized by the flair of BangCock's denizens. I suspect that they all spend two hours (at least) in front of the mirror everyday just trying to perfect their style... big hair, flawless make up, cute color combination, shiny accessories, etc. With the impeccability of their look, complemented by their natural cool attitude, walking in the streets of BangCock is a fashion fantasy indeed.

I think there is no better place to watch the city's most hip people but in Siam Square (as I mentioned so many times before). Every weekend I see to it that I drop by the maze-like shopping complex only to act as spectator of this virtual parade of what's hip and cool among the young people of the city. It seems that BKK's kids look up to their Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese counterparts (well, they watch these countries' TV series anyway) and somehow they pretty much pull it off in their own way.

A lot of times I was tempted to stop a kid in the street to request for a photograph or simply ask him/her where he bought the items he/she is wearing. Or, I don't know, they might appreciate a compliment from some old queen like me. But simply, (1) I don't have the courage to talk to strangers, (2) I don't speak the language, and (3) I don't have a good camera.

Anyway, I thought someone should monitor streetstyle (when did this become a one-word term?) in BKK coz the scene here is truly quirky and does deserve attention. However, I'm not aware of any particular website that does that. There is Cheeze Magazine, which compiles both streetstyle and club wear, and a few other magazines, but then we don't have time to wait for them to come out every month, no? With my language limitations, I suspect that there is some Thai-language streetstyle site out there that I just don't have access to.

I was checking some streetstyle blogs earlier today and lo and behold someone posted streetstyle photos of BKK. Easy Fashion is a Paris-based streetsyle blogger who came to the City of Angels last August (I think) and has snapped some photos of the sometimes colorful, sometimes outlandish, and sometimes purely cute looks in Siam Square.

See his other posts here, here, here, here, here. Now you have an idea of what I'm talking about. Now you probably understand why BKK's street scene never fails to captivate me. And yes, I'm very much inspired by them.

Speaking of inspiration, for a long time now I've been following other streetstyle blogs which has opened my eyes to the various looks in the major cities of the world. Some of these websites are on my links. I strongly recommend you check the legendary The Sartorialist, for some elegant street wear, and Facehunter, for some bold looks. Feedshion is also a good repository/database of streetstyle blogs all over the world.

If only I have the panache to go out in the streets with something as fanciful and whimsical...

Photo Credit: Easy Fashion


Lyka Bergen said...

kamukha ko ang girl na nasa third picture...... noong bata pa ako. tse!

Gayzha said...

YOu have and you should...

jericho said...

naku kayang-kaya mo yan. patok nga ang tandem nyo ng czarina devah. ;)

the spool artist said...

bangkok has zoomed past that stage in recent years lang. the first time i went to bangkok in 1995, ang babaduy pa ng mga tao, ngayon pang streets of tokyo na sila!

bkkdreamer said...

A few guys would be nice, assuming they have any fashion sense.

... said...

Hi from Paris !
I was in Bangkok in august.
I love this town too much ...
Thanks for your comment about Easy fashion in Paris.
Sawadee Krap

Fred the Mole

fuchsiaboy said...

hmmmm nobody is stopping you dahling.

ikaw lang naman itong maarte! chos

there's just too much possibility in bangcock because of the emerging fashion scene. a lot of thai designers are winning fashion design contest left and right.

buti na lang wala ako dyan or else i'l be one fashionable beggar.

Kiks said...

now, girard.

who is stopping you?

go take and be taken!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

ate naman, may panache ka pang nalalaman, go na, rampa, kesehodang 5 kilo ng tela ang suot, basta dapat eksena kungn eksena!

kawadjan said...

lyka: i have a suspicion na ladyboy ang "girl" na yan, seriously.

gayzha: thanks for the encouragement ning.

jericho: pramis, i will try to be bolder.

loven: korak! love ko sila for being so daring.

bkkdreamer: the fashion sense of guys in bkk are equally tantalizing. there are more pictures of guys in the main blog.

fred: great blog you have there. thanks for discovering bkk and showing it to the world.

don: korak, feeling ko your place is in bkk pero masikip na if 2 tayo dito. dyan ka lang sa siem reap.

kiks: salamat po sa push. will try. baby steps.

bryan: eksena is the key word. werk.


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