Thursday, October 16, 2008

BangCock's Top Models for Bottoms *

"Too bad you're a top... we could have, you know..." said this flight attendant that I was MSNing with a couple of nights ago. We were just starting some friendly chat when he suddenly veered towards that topic. I couldn't believe I'm having that conversation again and so early into the getting to know each other stage. But what did I expect as this constantly crops up, especially among the locals. It's already getting annoying.

A friend also has this recurrent encounters with boys he chats with on the internet who, upon learning that my friend is a bottom, would say something like, "Well, we can just be friends". Meanwhile, I know of someone who has been dating this guy for a couple of months only to be told that the relationship did not have a future because both of them are top. Ugh.

It was not until I came to BangCock that I faced this top-bottom dilemma. Back home, I had relationships with top guys and the sex was definitely not bad at all. In fact, I hardly had any sexual encounters with bottom men in Las Islas Filipinas. Well maybe becuase back there, most gay men are top, as far I know. Blame it on our macho culture. But then, I certainly didn't mind if there were no bottom around coz obviously there are other ways of enjoying sex aside from a guy poking another.

However in BangCock, your sexual position, if I may call it as such, can obviously make or break a relationship. I've always had the impression that most Thai gay men are bottom (I might be generalizing a lot here), so I wonder how they ever have relationships with each other (maybe they don't?). In fact, my friends and I often tell ourselves that BangCock is such a top's paradise.

Still, the point I'm making is how being top or bottom becomes a major, if not the sole, deciding factor in dating someone. It's a pity that some decide to discard the opportunity of knowing potential dates based on such an inconsequential detail. Is this a matter of meeting men who apparently don't have the creativity on other ways of having sex? Don't you think they are a tad too shallow? Ok, granted that there are men who have a narrow definition of what good sex is, but what seems like a prevalence of such view in BangCock is really disconcerting.

* Thanks to Gibo for the title.


Lyka Bergen said...

Basta ako walang probelma.... Versace kasi ako! Tse!

kiel said...

i'll have a post answering this. i've been thinking about this for some time as well.

Luis Batchoy said...

hail versace! yun lang! xlinks kita ha...mwah

Gibo. said...

honey, bangkokians need some imagination. or baka tulad ng maraming bagay sa thailand, "fate" din ang pagiging t or b and therefore cannot be changed.

Goring said...

at some point... its a matter of choice of being t or b.... you can always compromise honey...

fuchsiaboy said...


it's nice to be a virgin for once with no problems about that.

blagadag said...

probably, the spicy food of thailand has something to do with why thai gay men are most bottom. lol. hula ko, alma moreno. whahahaha.

mel beckham said...

I can't relate. I'm also a virgin. char!

kawadjan said...

lyka: halata ngang versace ka... kamukha mo na tuloy si donatella. peace!

keil: di ko kinaya ang analysis mo. as in higher level.

luis: isa ka pang kamukha ni donatella. peace!

gibo: fate? baka karma? hihihih.

goring: ikaw, kaya mo bang lumipat ng bakod?

don: virgin my ass (well, it is). tse!

blagadag: kailangan ko pang imbistigahan yan nang masusi.

mel: isa ka pa! tse! ;)

The Handyman said...

hahaha... amused naman ako sa mga comments nyo! aliw!

yoshke said...

oh well, versa din ako kaya walang problema.

pero when i go out with someone tas one of the first things na itatanong nya ay kung Top or bottom ako, last date na rin namin yun. haha.

i want a relationship founded on emotions and not sex.


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