Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eat That, Beyonce!

This fucking made my day!!!

First, watch this original video of Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce. Well it's a known fact that the girl can move.

And check out this amazing sistah werking the video in his own bedroom (I found this clip via uber gay blog Gayz of Our Lives). Gawdness!!! If only I can get my hands off Lay's and Coke, which I'm guiltily gorging on AS I SPEAK, I would probably be as skinny as this guy. Such a thinspiration!

Now this is how you werk, Beyonce!


Luis Batchoy said...

me laman pa ba sha? Ay me cellulite pa ata sa hita ang hitad...hehehehe

kiel said...

magaling nga sya - pero because of the outfit na di ko masyado dig, mas feel ko pa rin si bouncy! hahaha

kawadjan said...

luis: ang taas naman ng standard mo ning! hahaha.

kiel: bouncy! nag tambling ako nung nabasa ko to.


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