Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heading Somewhere?

Bubbles is wrecking havoc in Singapore.

The Czarina of Penang is getting a tan among the fisherfolks of Sugbu.

Fuchsiaboy is touring Phnom Penh and Las Islas Filipinas to catch up with his public.

Even Kylie Minogue is coming to Bangkok. And yeah, Lea Salonga as well.

Well, everybody's somewhere these days. I cannot be left behind, can I? Kase inggitera ako.

So with a national holiday tomorrow, fashionista extraordinaire Heidi and I are werking the ancient Siamese capital of Sukhothai. Oh did I mention it's a World Heritage Site? It's odd that this is only my first visit to a WHS in Thailand when I have seen the others in some of the Southeast Asian countries. So it's about time, no?

Oh, this is going to be a trip full of faggotry (like, haler, what's new?) with Heidi. This is our first trip together and we are taking the night train later (non-airconditioned... like, clogged pores, anyone?) and we come back to BangCock on Sunday.

So bitches, let's see who, between Heidi and me, would out-pout the other.

Photo Credit: (1) (2) Bow Travel Thailand


Lyka Bergen said...

Mas masaya pa rin sa Manille with Fuchsia's Runway Show and Gibo's Bday with Kiks and Kiel. Sorry ka na lang! Tse!

kawadjan said...

oo nga eh. wag mo na kaseng pagpilitan pa. tse! tse! tse!


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