Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fuchsiaboy Terrorizes BangCock

Don of Fuchsiaboy stopped over in BangCock from his whirlwind trip in Las Islas Filipinas, including presenting his collection at Philippine Fashion Week, among other things. He arrived last Monday afternoon and we did not waste a minute in sowing terror in the city for the two days he was here.

We immediately strutted in every posh shop in Erawan Mall, Gaysorn, and Siam Center. Donita went crazy seeing her best friends Martin Margiela, Comme des Garcons, Issey Miyake, and all those designers whose names I could not pronounce, much less spell. I swear I would not dare enter those shops without Don. I even finally went inside the Balenciaga store in Paragon! I ran my fingers through every fucking item they had on sale and it felt like I was touching pieces of art.

Speaking of art, Don would not leave BangCock unless he sees the Louise Borgeois piece, Ode a Me Mere, at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. (Thank God BACC now allows picture-taking inside the museum.) Ode a Me Mere is that much coveted humongous spider sculpture. Incidentally, I missed this piece on my first visit to the BACC. We also went around the cavernous halls to check out the other pieces. Don, who works as a curator in Siem Reap, was quite impressed with the exhibition and it even inspired him for his future designs. Are we seeing spiderwoman walking in his next show? Gasp!

After the BACC we had to rest our weary feet in a cafe in nearby Siam Square. It was my first time to be in this cafe and I wish I discovered the place much earlier as apparently they have free internet and design magazines galore. The interior is not bad either. However, the name of the cafe shall remain unknown as I will keep it as my refuge from now on.

Of course since we were already in Siam Square, I had to be Don's personal guide around the edgy shopping area. I've always looked forward to showing it to Don coz I know he would have an orgasm there. Thank God Siam Square did not disappoint him. He even bought a few items that I'm sure we would read about in his blog. Oh, I will also leave it to him to write about his imporessions of Thai design. Needless to say, he was very very excited and future trips to BangCock are going to be more frequent. See you soon, bitch.


Name: G said...

winner ang BACC, i should go there when i stop in bkk.

i'm disappointed though, u didnt take donita to tawan museum of fine arts.


The Zen Bitch said...

happy! i miss bangcock talaga.

i was in siem reap last weekend and met loven. i'll probably be back there in 2 weeks to finally meet ms donita rose-bud as well.

kiel said...

in fairness, ang fierce na naman ng pic with the giant spider. klasik ka talaga kawadjan! btw, it was a pleasure to meet don during the fashion week. and i miss my gladiator sandals already!

Miss Bubbles Cojuanco said...




klap!!! klap!!! klap!!!

Teng said...

gosh, you look so small in the 1st photo. like you're 5'2" or something. waif.

Lyka Bergen said...


fuchsiaboy said...

ang transformer na jacket di namention!

kawadjan said...

g: gasp! how can i forget tawan?! i heard those pieces are larger than life ha.

zenaida: tingnan natin kung paano mag merge ang powers nyo ni donita.

kiel: dahling, i saw what you wore in PFW... you haven't been eating lately too? good job! i cannot be more proud. *sob*

madam bubbles: bow, bow, bow.

teng: sinabotahe ni donita ang pic na yan. tse sa kanya! choz!

lyka: tsenes!

donita: nasa taas na. really had a blast with you dahling. come back here na. now. na!

the spool artist said...

hahaha.. dont worry, don has been hard selling bangkok to us like crazy! he'll be back there in no time... with us hopefully!


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