Friday, November 07, 2008


Ugh. It's that time of the year again when I have my scheduled flu. It's mainly brought by the erratic weather, cooler temperature, occasional rains, and the rising level of the Chao Phraya (nah!). But yeah, I remember having this flu as well last year, although this one is bad as it can ever get. I'm pretty much stuck to my bed for the past three days. Evenings are unbearable when my temperature rises and the headaches are worst. I'm taking some meds now, but I'm not getting well as fast as I want to.

As it is I'm already missing so much on my whoring and social climbing agenda. Even my charity work - that of teaching modeling to the hill tribes in Saphan Buri under my Spread the Pout for World Peace Foundation - had to be canceled. Oh dear, I'm even delirious!

Please remind me not to get sick again next year. Like, I'd rather slit my wrists first before getting another bloody flu. Ugh.

So tonight, bored out of wits, I took pictures of my latest acquisitions, which were all done under the guidance of the fashionably unflinching Don, like Fuchsiaboy ITSELF, during his recent visit to BKK.

The first purchase is this gray, tribal inspired shirt that was sold on the pavement across Siam Paragon. Manning the store is the designer ITSELF, who proudly declared that he was selling his latest fall-winter collection. Don and I could not believe that some street-side peddler would bother coming up with a fall-winter line. But dahling, he seemed serious! And for that, I simply had to grab one of his shirts.

One of the items of clothing that got me excited recently is this charcoal gray piece that Don and I call the Transformer Sweater. We got this from one of those tiny stalls in Siam Square for a ridiculuosly cheap price. There are a gazillion ways of wearing the sweater, but it is essentially a square piece of fabric with sleeves. The woman at the stall told us that she sells them in Japan. I can see why coz it's very edgy and unconventional. Very Comme des Garcons, according to Don. At first I was uncomfortable with the proportions coz I don't buy loose pieces of clothing. But then, with some prodding from Don, I realized I need something fashion forward and out of my element.

These are the two main permutations of wearing the sweater. Hopefully I'd discover more styles in the coming days. I just love, love playing with this!


G said...

you mean hindi tutuo ang balita na you are recuperating from a boob job kaya missing in action ka?

i love the sweater ha, vongga!

fuchsiaboy said...

i'm speechless!

what to say?

aunt carine roitfeld would be so proud!

The Zen Bitch said...

hope you're feeling better... dagdagan mo ang fluid intake mo... fresh juices... clear soups... of course, purified water... at ang vitamin C! (sori for the nurse-ness outburst)

pero, bongga ang grey outfits! i rarely wear them because it doesn't go well with my skin color...

The Handyman said...

i love the shirt; i think it goes well with the skinny pants you just bought..

kiel said...

kalurkey ang jacket....

me said...

so very Margiela.. aylove the jackey!

kawadjan said...

g: shhh... secret natin yang boob job na yan. meron lang talaga akong "flu".

don: kasalan mo to! panagutan mo to!

zenaida: salamat sa payo inay.

handyman: thanks.

kiel: kasya rin to sa yo. go thinspiration!

sarah: ay di to kasya sa yo! peace!

goddess said...

i love the sweater!!!!


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