Sunday, December 21, 2008

Performance Level

We put aside the "Top of 2008" list for now and make way for the obligatory weekend update. Obligatory talaga di ba? Charrrrriiiing!

Anyhoot, I had a wonderful Saturday with the vivacious Maggie Q who is visiting BangCock from Saigon. We started at Khao San Road where we scoured the second-hand bookshops. Since I am on a self-imposed book moratorium, I had to hold my self from snagging anything from the shelf. Pleae congratulate me for my legendary self-restraint, bitches.

We then had some Beer Lao in one of those crowded drinking places. Oh, maybe crowded is not the right term to describe the scene in Khao San coz there was hardly any crowd to speak of during this supposed peak season. That's quite sad really.

Inspired by those inked folks streaming all over Khao San, Maggie Q and I talked about getting a tattoo, which I have been planning (make that obsessing) for months now. I already know where I'd place the tattoo but honestly I only have a vague idea of the design. I have to decide on it soon coz I'm DEFINITELY getting it this January. (More on this tattoo thing next time.)

Apres we finished our beer, we took the boat from Phra Arthit and cruised towards Saphan Thaksin. The boat ride was relaxing as always.

We then found ourselves in Lumphini Park for the Bangkok International Street Show. I did not expect the crowd to be that big, ha. Those little creatures, popularly known as kids, were all over the place. Ugh!

A dozen or so stations were set up all over the park where the performers entertain the crowds. I saw a mime and a juggler. The juggler from New Zealand kept on dropping his balls and batons though. Ooops, I made that sound so naughty, no?

My favorite was Hanger Man, who I think is Japanese. He mostly does balancing acts and a few juggling here and there. He is quite a crowd-pleaser not only with his antics but with his energetic personality too. He charmed the local crowd quite well with his Thai phrases spoken in a rigid Japanese accent.

From Lumphini Park, Maggie Q and I strutted our pretty asses to Central Chitlom to catch this French troupe, Les Passagers, dancing on a canvas wall. The event attracted quite a large crowd and it started with a sleep-inducing group called Blue Men (sounds pornish, no?) pounding on drums.

Mixing acrobatics and dance, and with the help of meters and meters of cables and ropes, Les Passagers entertained the crowd with mid-air routines.

I especially took note of the Dries-Van-Noten-ish and Calvin-Klein-ish costumes of the performers. The music was likewise enthralling. The troupe started painting on the canvas and by the time the show ended a giant holiday card was right before our eyes.

The performance was a bit lackluster, to be honest, although I don't undermine how difficult it could have been to mount such a show. I was expecting, however, for a more dynamic and energetic performance.

So to cap the day, we agreed to go dancing at Soi 2. Bubbles joined us as well. Oh, so it has been ages since the last time I went clubbing. The music, I'm happy to note, had considerably changed from months ago. As usual, the place is packed. I loved staying on the first floor where there was hardly any dancing surface available and one has to use all your strength to jostle (make that wrestle) with them gorgeous boys.

But where are the familiar faces? I'm quite surprised that the usual suspects were not present. Anyway, who cares?

The point is... I had one swell of a Saturday, thanks to Maggie Q. I have one thing to say... pout!

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