Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Processing: Delusional Bayots Edition

This is how two bored (and probably drunk) faggots talk in the chatroom.

Agent Siem Reap: tama na muna ang mags... didnt buy na nga paris vogue

Agent BangCock: baket???

Agent Siem Reap: save muna ako pera

Agent BangCock: meron ka pala nung save save na concept? those are only for poor people dahling

Agent Siem Reap: ang gastos ko na. ewan ko, i feel guilty sa recession

Agent BangCock: when you think about money you are not rich enough, i'm disappointed

Agent Siem Reap: oo naman they are for poor people

Agent Siem Reap: pero di ba bad taste yun

Agent BangCock: bad taste?

Agent Siem Reap: ayoko namang maging crass

Agent BangCock: it's not your fault that they are poor... why should you be considerate of their plight?

Agent BangCock: being crass is soooo now

Agent Siem Reap: i mean i just bought $20 worth of magazines habang ang iba dyan ay nagugutom

Agent BangCock: well they can eat your mags if they want... they can mix it with rice and vinegar

Agent Siem Reap: or air

Agent BangCock: or air!

Agent Siem Reap: well it's in to be a recessionista now... so im being a recessionista

Agent Siem Reap: hay i envy the poor though, they have no choice but to be thin

Agent BangCock: i know! mga bitch sila

Agent BangCock: the feeling is mutal it seems... they envy you too

Agent Siem Reap: what is there to envy sa akin? the obese me!

Agent BangCock: ang haba daw ng hair mo!

Agent BangCock: poor, obese you.

Agent Siem Reap: oh if they only know the agony of balenciaga

Agent BangCock: korak!!!

Agent BangCock: kung alam lang nila kung gaano kahirap na harapin ang publique mo all the time... your very exacting publique who want to see you in your best ALL the time

Agent Siem Reap: at least sila wala silang choice, if they go out wearing gulanit clothes people understand

Agent Siem Reap: eh tayong mga may publique they expect us to be perfumed, coiffed and polished

Agent BangCock: indeed!

Agent BangCock: they dont know how it's like to face the paparazzi

Agent Siem Reap: and the press could be a bitch... heartless... unmerciful

Agent BangCock: the publique needs their fantasy... and we have to represent that for them. they need their escape!

Agent Siem Reap: of course. we are the paragon of what they want to achieve

Agent BangCock: and that's very difficult ha, you have to meet their expectations all the time

Agent BangCock: you are their picture of hope, and the truth, and beauty...

Agent Siem Reap: we could not afford to disappoint them

Agent BangCock: no way

Agent Siem Reap: hay.. life in the echelon of riches and power is so lonely... hay

Agent BangCock: in fact we drive capitalism. coz we represent the middle class' aspirations... and without aspirations, people would stop buying

Agent Siem Reap: naman

Agent BangCock: that's why we need to be more ostentatious during these times

Agent Siem Reap: we drive the economy

Agent BangCock: coz we have to encourage the people to buy... to keep business grinding... to keep the small and medium enterprises thriving... to keep LVMH surviving

Agent Siem Reap: I’ll just wear regular chanel than do couture... para naman keri lang

Agent BangCock: and when times are hard, the middle class and the poor have to have an escape. we are their only hope. we cannot let them wallow in despair, love

Agent Siem Reap: thats why im using a lot of japanese brands na. para discreet elegance lang. the likes of yohji. i mean one pants is just like $1500

Agent Siem Reap: that’s discreet no?

Please, for the love of God, do not Malu Fernandez us.


toxic disco boy said...

i totally LOLed at that. XDDD

The Zen Bitch said...

hahahahaha, dahlings! (laughter a la elvira manahan)

Kiks said...

and i burst into flames laughing.

kawadjan said...

hi girls! salamat at positive naman ang response nyo sa chat session. in fairness, skered kami na ma-malu fernandez nga. at least nasakyan nyo na purely kabaklaan lang talaga ang usapang yun.




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