Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top Inspirations of 2008

What makes me want to wake up in the morning?

Here are my top inspirations for 2008.

Second runner-up: Traveling

I have to have something to look forward to... and no other thing excites me more than counting the days for my next trip. The process of planning the trip is a major undertaking on its own. Goodness, you have no idea how I plan my trips (although that's changing a bit now).

I'm not even sure if I really enjoy the trip as much as I enjoy planning them. And when one trip is over, dahling, I'm immediately planning one.

First runner-up: Blogging

Awww... my diva of a baby has grown into an even more superficial, slutty, bitchy lady... and I couldn't be more proud. Despite its puerile and rushed writing, I actually put a lot of thinking into how the blog is shaped. I think of consistency of voice and variety - and balance - of topics. And I do plan what to write and how to write them to achieve all those.

Lately the blog has evolved to become more reader-oriented, and a tad too cautious, which is not bad at all. But then I'm considering of bringing it back to a more personal, honest, and introspective direction in 2009. I just feel that the blog has to represent all my sides. It might alienate some readers (I don't like most "personal blogs" either), but let's see how that goes.

And the winner is...


Ahhh... to wake up every morning to the buzz of tuk-tuks outside my window, to the view of the Rama VIII bridge spanning the nearby Chao Phraya, and to see the spires of the temple piercing the early morning sky... all that makes me feel home.

There are many things to dislike of this crazy city but the reasons to love it far outweigh the former. Living here for the past sixteen months made me feel pretty settled and familiar to its quirks and charms. I know the city and I have big romance going on. But still the discovery never ends. With the excitement of unraveling it even more, BangCock is my top inspiration for 2008.


P.S. The Pinay bitches are heading off to the beach tomorrow early morning. We spend Christmas with sand, sea, and... sun. We come back to BKK this weekend.

Happy holidays, bitches!

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