Monday, January 05, 2009

For Fuchsiaboy

Ay naku, I'm on a roll today. This would be my third post after the blog silence of several days.

Prodded by Fuchsiaboy to write about my recent clothing ensemble, I'm doing his version of Fashion Diary. Alam mo naman akech, gaya gaya.

Recently I've been pulling a lot of blacks and whites from my closet. The same goes when I went shopping a couple of weekends back. It must be the holiday mood. Hihihihi.

However, I have a pragmatic reason for buying blacks, grays, whites, and browns - my new color palette - lately coz I'm frustrated with my washing machine mishaps of color bleeding. I have ruined dozens of shirts because of my legendary laundry skills (and don't get me started on ironing). I haven't gotten it right after all these months and I'm very embarrassed to confess that.

Hay if only I can get a maid! Choz!

So I reckoned, I might as well go to a more monochromatic direction for my clothes to save me from my laundry woes. I do a load of whites and grays and another load for the blacks and browns. Simple. (Please somebody tell me I'm doing the right combo here.)

My theme for 2009, thefore, is colorless... hmmm, more or less (unless you say white is a color or black is a color, that is very much debatable and I shall NOT venture there).

Without further talak, let's do some of Fuchsiaboy's Fashion Diary... this post is dedicated to you, bitch.

I found these drop-crotch pants (did I call it correctly?) from Khao San Road a month ago. These are from women, I think. But who fucking cares, I think they are ferosh. Paired with my Don Protasio sandals, it caused quite a stir when I once strutted it around BangCock.

Fuchsiaboy went into my head the moment I saw the shirt below and I knew right then that I would have to buy it in his name. Choz!

How Comme des Garcons slash Helmut Lang can it be? I love the layers! And those sleeves are perpetually creased coz they are stitched to another fabric inside, making the sleeves pretty much "two-ply". Such exquisite details, no?


fuchsiaboy said...

congratulations dahling!

at least now you look like my chic bodyguard. wheheeh!

i love the helmut lang-ish top.

bkkdreamer said...

We need to see the face, darling - the face!

Anonymous said...

i m a flight attendant and regular visitor to bkk.i just wanna say i luv your blog. its witty,hilarious and never boring,always something worth reading.i m a BIG fan of yours. keep up the good work!

alex said...

outfit #2 and 4! i love!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pants in # 3.

kiel said...

i think you look most fetching in white (both the t and the layered long-sleeve). mas yummy.

me said...

i must admit you have blossomed into a really fetching young lady (!??)with better fashion sense. what i don't get though is people calling you yummy. seriously :)

hehe love you gay gay. werq it werq it!

the spool artist said...

iba talaga ang nagagawa ng damit kung ang katawan na pinagsasablayan nito ay hangin lang ang kinakain (medyo nag nosebleed ako dun sa tagalog ko ah)... in other words, i better stop eating too.

Dexter Mejia said...

2-ply na matibay? Puwedeng i-flush?

kawadjan said...

don: whew, salamat, i pleased you this time. pagod na ako sa masyado mong mataas na standard.

bkkdreamer: but i'm shy! :-)

anonymous: thanks a lot for the encouraging words. cheers!

alex: feeling ko bagay din yun sa yo. ching!

anonymous: thanks. gotta love JJ for that!

kiel: all this time di ko talaga bet ang white.

sarah: pareh, anoh bah. hahaha. will werk it more for ya. LEAP!

loven: alam mo, dapat isama mo si don sa hangin diet mo. choz!

dexter: why not?! hihihihi.

toxic disco boy said...

hehe. ginaya ko rin si Fuchsiaboy. ;)


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