Monday, January 05, 2009

Must Watch: Happy-Go-Lucky

I saw this film on new year's day with Bubbles. Wonderful acting and such a hilarious script. It certainly made us laugh like crazy and we left the theater feeling upbeat... the perfect mood for the new year it seems.



jayclops said...

I think one of my favorite films of the year Gi. Sally Hawkins delivers one of the best performances of the year. Two of my favorite scenes are the last confrontational scene between Poppy and her driver-teacher and the one where she encounters the homeless man. Moments of introspection gyud. Haha.

kawadjan said...

jay: true, true. winner din ang acting nung driving instructor no? afraid ako sa kanya.

jayclops said...

Ya, I like how the two are pitted against each other, it’s like the battle of two extremes, of good and evil, and I like how it is somehow never resolved, much like what is really going on everyday in the world.


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