Monday, January 05, 2009

Green Stuff Update

Natasha Poly and Du Juan are dying. I'm talking about my two plants, which I wrote about here. It started when Natasha Poly's flowers started falling one by one. As she was placed close to my bed the wilted flowers landed on the latter. Soon enough ants devoured them. For a couple of nights the ants were also biting me. I know I look like a flower but not a wilted one for sure. Hay, crazy ants.

Anyway, so I moved Natasha Poly away from my bed where it received direct sunlight through my expansive windows. The flowers never came back though. I missed going inside my bedroom to their scent.

Meanwhile, Du Juan's leaves are turning yellow. Odd coz only one side of it is yellowing, the side facing the sun.

I'm afraid the airconditioner, usually on full blast, does not suit them well, especially Natasha Poly, who on account of her towering height, is directly hit by the dry, cold air.

Luckily, Bubbles gave me a small electric fan that he won from the school's Christmas party. I use the fan in the evening instead. That way, I can also open the windows and let some of Bangkok's polluted air circulate in the room. I wonder if they like gaseous air.

Let's see if the change in the room condition can resuscitate them lovely bitches. I honestly don't know what to do with them if I fail in my latest attempt at giving them a conducive environment for them to thrive. Hay, somebody should have told me that plants can be sooo demanding.

I should've bought plastic plants instead.


fuchsiaboy said...

i suggest you prepare your burial outfit soon kasi like the real models natasha and du juan, they will soon be out of fashion.

plastic na nga lang neng :)

kiel said...

wag kang makinig kay don. i know you can do it.

if you can pout in mid-air and look totally composed, i'm sure you can bring back to life this two plants!


L said...

I suggest you buy cacti instead, kahit di mo diligan... ngayon pag namatay pa rin sila, *sigh* well, mag-alaga ka na lang ng bato hihihi :)

kawadjan said...

don: ay di pa... malay mo ma-resurrect ang career nila. remember naomi and her ilk? di pa tapos ang laban ning.

keil: i could not agree more! hahahaha. salamat sa supporta.

L: ay naku, sana di naman ako umabot sa pagaalaga ng bato. diamond lang ang batong kaya kong alagaan.

Nobe said...

nice pic.



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