Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year, bitches!

Ay too lazy to write a long entry. Will just post some pics of our new year's eve celebration. Had dinner, went to Central World for the countdown, and drank like crazy at Lang Suan. The next day we met up for a massage and had coffee at Central World.

I've been drunk every night for roughly ten days now and I need to detoxify.


Lyka Bergen said...

Mukha namang masaya. Good Luck!

jericho said...

i miss thai massage ...and the thais of course

fuchsiaboy said...

"I've been drunk every night for roughly ten days now and I need to detoxify."

that's 10x the calories dahling. don't you just look plump these days? not even contrast can save you dahling. donate those s/s 09 clothes to the street children coz ul need bigger sizes now.

L said...

Pa-colonics ka kaya, and I heard wheatgrass juice [those icky-looking dark green liquid being sold all over Bangkok] is a good detoxifier :) Just some ideas :)

[G] said...

u look fab..don't listen to donita. 2009 na bitter pa rin. chos!

kawadjan said...

lyka: mas masaya kung andito ang LTE girls.

jericho: miss ka na rin daw ng mga thais. hala!

don: why do you need to torture me with the fact that i'm obese? hayan, bumaba na naman ang self esteem ko. are you happy now? ha? lol.

L: ay sure. di sya masarap pero if it helps me detox, eh di go.

g: salamat. ikaw talaga ang aking defender. miriam defensor santiago isdatchyu?


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