Saturday, January 10, 2009

Krungthep 226

Today I visited again the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) for their new exhibit called Krungthep 226. I've been inside the BACC several times since it opened last year but its grand architecture (at least inside) still blows me away.

Krungthep is the Thai name for Bangkok and it was exactly 226 years ago when it was officially established as the new capital of Siam.

The show is thus a celebration of how various artists view and present Bangkok through the years. Interpretations of the future of the city was showcased in the section "Dream Bangkok". The other zones of the exhibit are "Banglok in the Early Days", "Modernised Bangkok vs Nostalgic Past", and "New Bangkok Skyline".

The works were made up mostly of paintings along with a number of sculptures, installations, mix media, videos, and photographs.

Here are some of the pieces I love.

Bangkok at Night by Pratuang Emjaroen

City Life by Sriwan Janehuttakarnkit

Tung Pra Menru by Prateep Kochabua

Floating Here and There (A Garland Man) by Chatchai Puipia

Sunrise Sunset in Thailand 1992 by Kamin Lert Chaiprasert

Golden Mountain by Pichit Tangcharoen

Artist Party

1.00 am by Nawin Biadklang

Tales from Klong Tom by Krit Ngamsom

Imagine the Sky by Kraisak Choonhawan

Bangkok by Julio Brujis

MBK by Tatiya Udomsawat

Ideal City? by Kwanchai Lichaikul


[G] said...

i love floating here and there. winner sya ha.

kiel said...

parang type kko yung 'Tales from Klong Tom' as peg for the design of my next pad.

teka, nasan ang mga fabulous poses?

fuchsiaboy said...

love the last pix.

kawadjan said...

[g]: true.ang dami pang details ang piece na yan that i wasn't able to photograph.

kiel: klong tom is a market of second hand stuff in bkk (i think). so most of these are reinterpreted found objects.

donita: true. this is a humongous piece and the pic above is just a detail. looks like wooden block prints no?


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