Sunday, January 11, 2009

On a Chilly Friday Evening

As it had been strangely humid middle of last week I thought that Thailand's "cold" season was finally over. Little did I know that the weather could drastically change. Since last Friday the weather has turned chilly instead, which was welcomed by BangCock's denizens, moi included, with layers and layers of sweaters and scarves.

So on a cold Friday evening, the primera maricones of Las Islas Filipinas headed off to Chinatown for our weekly roundup. It was my idea to spend it in Chinatown, away from our regular meeting place in Silom.

I've always been fascinated with BKK's Chinatown (which I've wrote about here) and I've long planned to see it in the evening as supposedly it is one destination for a good meal.

With Liwayway, Bubbles, and Nida Blanca, we found ourselves in the middle of the chaos of Yaowarat, the main street of Chinatown. The streets were lined with stalls selling noodles and Peking duck, together with some fruit and chestnut peddlers.

We settled in one of those street-side eating places while continuously bombarded by the fumes and pandemonium of cars and buses. The throngs of people eating in those makeshift "restaurants" indicate that none of these matter to them, especially coz the seafood in the area is indeed divine.

Apres dinner we took a cab to the nearby flower market, Pak Klong Talat, close to the Pahurat district.

Since our cab was stuck in traffic, and I was already building up a tantrum (oh, I've always been a legendary diva), I forced the maricones to hop off the cab while we were still blocks away from our destination. This proved to be a blessing (charing!) coz we had the chance to check the street market in the area.

Such a discovery! And I actually thought I've conquered all shopping spots in the city.

The flower market was as vibrant as I last saw it (see previous here). A profusion of roses, gardenias, tulips, and whatnot were before us as we walked down the narrow pavement.

There were many fascinating blooms but these did not interest Bubbles and Nida Blanca much whereas Liwayway went on a high when she found her favorite tube roses.

Hopping on yet another cab, we capped the evening by heading to Khao San Road to have drinks at our regular street-side "bar" that's managed by one Burmese hottie (I desperately want his babies!).

We each had a bucket of cocktails while enjoying the chilly breeze and watching scruffy backpackers and fashionable locals traipsing down the street in various states of intoxication.


Rhea said...

girard! aliw talaga basahin ang blog mo! panalo! :) btw, i will be there in bangkok from feb. 18 to 24 to attend SEAMEO'S HOM. I hope we can meet up in one of those days. :) kindly email me at


Anonymous said...

Hi Kawadjan! Eyelove your blog. I saw your URL on my visitor's page. Thank you for adding me to your rainbow coalition. Now, there's been an issue with my url so instead of whoiscb yadda yaddah. It's now I will add you to my blogroll as soon as I'm done making changes on my blog's fug design. Thanks a lot and enjoy your day.


fuchsiaboy said...

im shocked na kumakain ka na naman! is it back to 'dinner time' again?

please tell bubbles maganda ang picture nya with the isda. yun nga lang akala ko magda diet na rin sya.

kawadjan said...

rhea: i'm thrilled na gogo ka here! kalabugin natin ang bkk ning. see you soon.

c.b.: thanks pow. will update my links rin.

donita: hahaha. ano ba, isang munting dahon nga lang kinain ko eh. si bubbles ang lumamon ng buong fish. i swear.


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