Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Makulay ang Buhay

I sneaked into the office's store-room one Saturday morning, not exactly sure what I was looking for. Amidst the rubble of dust-covered baskets, books, bed frames, mattresses, and boxes that contain who knows what was a pile of big frames leaning on one side of the store-room.

I realized I was looking at a collection of large paintings, about a dozen of them, that nobody seems to care for.

I asked our office administrator what they were about and she said that our current conference room on the first floor used to be an art gallery of university students' paintings. When the said gallery was converted into a conference room the paintings were moved to the store-room where they had been collecting dust for roughly three years now.

Sayang di ba?

So I figured I might as well put some of them to good use. I asked my administrator if I can borrow one of them and she said that I can pretty much get any of the paintings as anyway the students have forgotten to collect them back.

On my second visit and under closer inspection, I noticed that most of the paintings look, well, amateurish. Hmmm, I should have not expected to find Van Goghs or Picassos there to begin with, right?

Also, most of the subjects are glum and morose, if not outright scary. Definitely not for my bedroom.

Finally I found one that suited my taste. It's a bright painting filled with Thai-themes - stupa, mystical figures, praying figures - and some incoherent serene faces and a naked figure at the bottom.

Again, it definitely is not a Matisse but it is all right if only to bring a freshness to my bedroom.

Some detail shots...

I hauled it to my bedroom and soon found out that it is a tad too big. With a height of nearly two meters and a width of one meter, it is in fact gargantuan for my tiny bedroom. Besides, I barely have a wall for it coz the windows occupy the entire length of the bedroom on one side - where the dying plants now also stand - and my closet and clothes rack on the other.

I decided I might as well let it lean on the wall beside my bed. So basically I wake up greeted by the painting on a daily basis. Winnar ba?

Below is a shot of the painting from the perspective of someone lying on my tiny bed.

Now, my dear two readers, can you help me give this painting a title? The gayer the better, of course.


bangkokbitch said...

I think it's - ahm - colourful. Certainly brightens up the room:) I wont dare with the not gay enough...

fuchsiaboy said...

'somewhere over the rainbow'

pride na pride ang colors neng

kiel said...

somehow what comes to mind is an alliteration:

eastern eclat explosion extravaganza


mel beckham said...


"colour fool"

just a play lang with the word colorful. hihi

Jase/"Gayzha" said...

River of Dreams ...

Anonymous said...

spermatids reaching up to heaven.

Anonymous said...

I see Jezus on the right, see a girl on top, someone screaming below , and indeed before I went to the comment side , I also see sperma in blue , so I was planning to suggest "Sperm" . Or the last comment from "anonymous" is also ok.


kawadjan said...

hi guys!
thanks for the comments.
i think i have to name it after another super model instead...

presenting... LARA STONE.


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