Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Tourism Authority of Thailand...

... you owe me my salary.

After all, I'm the fiercest tour guide in Bangkok. You and I know how many Pinoy tourists I've brought around your great city.

This past two weeks alone three Pinoy friends arrived in BKK. First was Mama Rhea, a former colleague from Manille, second was Jordanne, and third is Hong Kong blogger extraordinaire Kiks of As Is.

So what do I usually do with my guests?

First, I bring them to the usual tourist places.

Like the requisite stop at the Erawan Shrine...

... and of course the tuk tuk ride.

And definitely I have to feed them with some of the gastronomic delights of Siam.

I even take pictures of them in Khao San Road...

... or let them take pictures of me.

Well, now that we are in nihilistic Bangkok, I have to teach them a few bad vices.

Like drinking...

... and smoking.

And most definitely, I teach them how to pout.

But the most important thing is... I make them laugh.

Therefore, respected people at the TAT... with all the service I've been doing, please deposit my salary to my bank account. Now. Na.

Khorp kun maak khap,



fuchsiaboy said...

bakit nakabuka palagi ang bunganga ni kiks sa piktyur?

perma pressed ba yan?

or baka ganyan na talaga palagi yan?

nagpunta lang ng bkk eh naging joker smile na, hahaha!

me said...

bad influence ka pala eh.. pati si rhea pinapayosi mo *sticking my tongue out*

jericho said...

so true ... de facto ms. tourism ka. hehe. at oo nga, bakit laging nmakabuka yung kay Kiks ... dito naman eh itinitikom din nya yan kahit paano.

patrick said...

did you mention taking your gay friends to the gay culture of thailand..? something i'm looking forward to when i go back.. =)

Rhea said...

dahling!! i love my pictures! winner! nagkagulo sila dito sa Info Services! pati ang aking dearest hubby, nagulat! hahaha :) sa uulitin! miss na kita. salamat at pumayag kang ma-pick-up ko for 3 nights. =P

kawadjan said...

donita and jericho: hahaha. lokah, lokah. ganyan talaga si kiks, masiyahin, palaging nakatawa na parang kinikiliti all the time. or natatawa lang sya sa ichura ko?

sarah: uy, props lang pow yan.

patrick: no, i prefer to show them the less seedy parts of bkk. baka kase mawindang ang sensibilities nila eh.

rhea: it was my pleasure. sa uulitin po.


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