Friday, January 30, 2009


Today I turn one month older in BangCock, and so a celebratory post is called for.

On this occasion, there is definitely nothing worth celebrating for other than the friends I have in the Land of Smiles. Undoubtedly, more than any thing else, the highlight of my eighteen-month stay here is knowing such amazing, amazing people and I couldn't feel more thankful.

I've always been quite lucky at finding friends. During my four years stay in Davao for instance I met the most fiercely loyal friends I have yet to find... and you know who you are, bitches. God, these are the people whom I would give up a limb for.

I don't begin calling people "friends" just because I know them. I have to genuinely care for them and know fully well that they do so too for me. And of course the elements of trust, mutual respect, and sincerity are imperative.

There had been times in the past when I think that a certain person was a friend but later I find out that he/she had to be relegated to "people I know" instead.

I do have this habit of regularly re-classifying my relationships with people. Does any one of you do this at all? Well the main purpose really is to know which ones are worth my attention and concern, which are finite "goods" and have to be allocated wisely, di ba? Why waste it on bastards?

After all, friendships have an economic element to them. Keep the people that give you the highest return at the least possible cost. And for me, this means keeping friends with whom I can have a mutually positive and nurturing relationship.

I have a folder tabbed "True Friends 'Til the End of Fucking Time". I have to proudly note as well that I've never had any falling out with any of these people. And I doubt if it would ever happen.

There's quite a number of them gorgeous people in that said file and a few names have been added to the list during my stay in BangCock. And goodness, it's quite obvious who they are, noh, especially if you read this blog.

I could not express in words how important these people are in making my life here in BangCock very meaningful. If anything, my only wish is to be a good friend in return.

My memories in this city would always be defined mainly by them and I'm sure we have yet many memories to create. Kisses for you, bitches.

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