Sunday, February 01, 2009

Graying Hua Hin

Hay, I just returned from a weekend trip to Hua Hin and Khao Sam Roi Yot with ferosha Heidi. For this part of the obligatory post-travel report (charing!), I shall post pictures of our overnight stay in Hua Hin, a resort city about a couple of hours away from BangCock.

When we arrived in Hua Hin last Friday evening, immediately I was struck by how gray the city is. Scores of geriatric people were all over the place as seen in this photo below of the restaurant where we had a dinner of seafood.

It's quite charming though to be away from the rowdy backpacker crowd that more often than not one meets in any beach in Thailand.

While the seafood was scrumptious, I'm afraid one of the dishes that we got gave me tummy problems for the next two days. This totally destroyed the weekend trip but I shall come to that on the next post.

There are gazillions of restaurants found all over the narrow streets of Hua Hin. Needless to say the same old folks were the main patrons.

I found a number of wooden houses that are now converted into bars, mostly girly bars, which seem to fastly encroach on many parts of the city.

The variety of the restaurants in Hua Hin have a largely European orientation. Many of the signs are also in German.

Look whose garden we found, bitches?

Below is a photo of the sunrise as seen from our guest house, which is cantilevered over the water. A lovely sight to start one's day indeed.

We had a couple of hours to spare before we moved to Khao Sam Roi Yot so we explored Hua Hin's beaches while the sun slowly rose in the horizon.

Tall hotels dominate the skyline of Hua Hin. The white-sand beach is a few kilometers long but it is quite narrow as hotels sit practically right where the sea meets the sand. We saw a number of orange-skinned joggers and some are not satisfied with their tan yet that they had to catch the early morning sun on the lounge chairs on the beach.

I'm thankful we did not stay too long in Hua Hin. The place is over-commercialized for my taste. Concrete spills on every available corner and real estate advertisements are plastered relentlessly. Perhaps its proximity to Bangkok makes Hua Hin easy to exploit for the moneyed folks.

Around ten in the morning Heidi and I hopped on a bus to Khao Sam Roi Yot where things started getting more interesting.


Anonymous said...

here's heidi!
Gosh you surely love European better NEVER go to the snappy comment about the tans:P these old Euro-greyhounds surely love leathery orange-brown skin.

my tummy is hurting and rumbling too. I need to rush off to the loo now.

fuchsiaboy said...

pati seafoods welcome! lol!

umubra din ang kulam ko bwahahahaa!

kawadjan said...

gosh, those tanned skin look better as wallets and shoes.

donita: kasalanan mo pala baket nasira ang tummy ko. bruha ka talaga. the wicked witch of the east (of bkk). but a fasyon one at that.


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