Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wink, Wink

The UK edition of popular hip magazine i-D is coming out with twelve covers for their March 2009 issue and pays tribute to some of the top British models.

The models include the current crop of top Brit models Agyness Deyn, Lily Donaldson, and Jourdan Dunn.

The so-called veterans also get their mileage with the likes of legendary supermodels Stella Tennant, Kate Moss, and of course the divine Naomi Campbell.

Oh, did I also mention that the bestest, super-duper model extraordinaire EVAR also has his own i-D cover?

* Edit *

The cover above was re-worked to perfection by Fuchsiaboy of Khmerlandia to replace the cover I posted yesterday, which was my despicable attempt at Photoshop.

Thanks a lot, bitch.

* Edit *

Well, well, well... look do we have here?

Sky is the langit?

It's not my problem anymore, it's your problem anymore?

Let's burn the bridge when we get there?

I'm sweatening?

Of course... Been there, been that!

Check Fuchsiaboy's version of the i-D cover.


fuchsiaboy said...


wait ka sa version ko!

[G] said...

winnah! ang fierce mo ning.

Lyka Bergen said...

Ang ganda ng last model! Ang ganda ni Naomi!

mel beckham said...

...and so i thought the best cover was that of Stella, until i saw the last one. hihihi

Kiks said...

i know where the shirt came from. so loving playhound.

and the new it model for i-D.

playhound will truly be grateful.

we settle for anything less!

fuchsiaboy said...


basta natawa ako sa comment ni kiks:

we settle for anything less!

sana naman dahil reworked na eh medyo gumanda ang mga comments ng slight.


Kiks said...

"we settle for anything less."

that will be my catchphrase when i do my most awaited cover for i-D.

long story short, mala-been there been that yang quote na yan.

of course, girard and don, you are never less for noone can ever be more than you both.

danke. chos.

patrick said...

*winierce! winner + fierce.

The Zen Bitch said...


kawadjan said...

hahahaha. girls, girls, girls... thanks for the boost. choz! now werq!


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