Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Report: Watak-watak Edition

The weekend report starts on Thursday evening when I was invited to Heidi's place for pizza. With us were his wife Hye Kim Park and our office's intern from Macau, Maggie Cheung.

Maggie Cheung and I took the early evening boat to Saphan Thaksin and from there it was her first ride on the BKK's skytrain. Too bad it was only for one station.

The four us then found ourselves on the pool deck of Heidi's building, and pizza easily transitioned to vodka. Hye Kim Park can certainly make a mean cocktail using some flower tea.

Friday evening I met Yvonne for a movie date. Yvonne is the widow of my colleague/friend who died last month. She used to regularly watch movies with her husband and I thought it would be nice for her to have some movie buddy in me.

We decided to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which turned out to be such a disappointment.

She and I had late dinner after the film. Dinner took a rather sad tone when we started talking about her husband and so I could not help my self from bawling. As in major hagulhol itez. Tears fell on my chicken noodles and the people in the restaurant stared at us perplexed.

Feeling weighed down by how the evening turned out with Yvonne, I called Bubbles and we met at McDonald's in Silom. He noticed how swollen my eyes were but thank god I was wearing water-proof mascara that evening. Anyway, Bubbles and I eventually ended up in Silom Soi 2. Zzzzzzzz...

Valentine's Day. I made reservations at a river-side restaurant close to my building. I had three dates for the night, namely Bubbles, Maggie Cheung, and my Singaporean colleague, Ermitanyo. (Maggie Cheung, Ermitanyo, and I all live in the office building.)

We had a table at the roof deck of the restaurant aptly called In Love. It was lovely to watch the sun slowly slipping down the horizon, framed by the Rama VIII bridge. Definitely romantic if not for the fact that we are all single.

From my area we decided to head off to Silom, stopping by for coffee and then some cocktails in Silom Soi 4. Maggie Cheung and Ermitanyo (who, I have to note, is straight) were keen on visiting a gay club. The original plan was Lang Suan, but Bubbles reckoned Maggie Cheung and Ermitanyo would appreciate the drag show in Soi 2.

We thus found ourselves jostling with the crowd at Soi 2, which was surprisingly sparse for Valentine's day. I wonder where the rest of BangCock's baklas were.


patrick said...

you know, i've been to bangkok just once, and it seems i got attracted to it.. i want to know and see what else it has. ^_^

bitchofbangkok said... are converting straight people to go to dj!! I think on v-day everyone must have been at dinner with their boyfriends giving them a rose...centenwold was PACKED that day, maybe they were there...

Anonymous said...

kawadjan, what happened to your left arm in the 2nd to the last pic? it looks huge! chos!

fuchsiaboy said...

booking na yang una, neng. bwahahaha!

carmelo. said...

i like the blog, but i love the lips !

that's all.

kawadjan said...

patrick: tunay, so many things to discover pa talaga.

b.o.b: roses for v-day? groundbreaking.

anonymous: my left arm is just the way it always has been. choz!

donita: what booking?

carmelo: i got the lips in surigao... 50% off. thanks for dropping by.


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