Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Digging the Past

I have a habit of keeping cinema and park tickets just for the sake of it. Some people collect stamps or shoes, I collect a different kind of mementos.

Sometimes I have to purge my wallet of half a dozen cinema tickets that were wedged between IDs or my ATM card. There are times when I find tickets between pages of books or even inside the pockets of my jeans.

A month ago I found one batch of tickets inside a small bag that I carry with me when I travel. I hardly use that pouch so it has become a convenient keep-all for the tickets I find in odd places.

I was in the bus when I discovered the clump of papers. Gosh, it was walking down memory lane galore tuloy in the oddest of places.

I found a ticket to a monument in Vietnam from around a year ago. There was also a ticket to Sukhothai when I visited the site with Heidi in October (was it?). I also found a stub of the ticket to the Marble Temple when a high school friend visited me in January in 2008.

The cinema tickets were a story on its own. Most of them were from movies I watched alone, some dating to exactly a year ago (like Atonement and There Will be Blood).

Meanwhile, there are tickets that I watched with some men that I have sort of "dated"... please take note of sort of and the quotation marks.

I did not even want to see many of these movies, even if I had to be threatened at gun-point for instance. But just for the sake of being with the person who made me kilig at that I time, I dragged my skinny ass to the theater.

Ewwww... cringe-worthy memories with these men ha. I wasn't ready to revisit all these, I swear, least of all while in a freaking bus in the middle of one of Bangkok's congested avenues.

So while riding the bus with its airconditioner blasting on my already parched face and remembering the bastards who have come in and out of my life (choooozzzzz!!!!), I rolled my eyes and pouted.

These facial contortions were punctuated with a giggle that made the bitch sitting beside me to look my way.

Oh, and the tickets? I kept them of course.

Together with the other tickets I've amassed in my stay here in Thailand so far, they are now safely pressed in the pages of the massive The Complete Encyclopedia of Archaeology, a book that I would probably not open in a million years.


jericho said...

riding down memory lane. mag-scrapbook ka kaya using these? ;)

kawadjan said...

jericho: i will work on the scrapbook when i finish my knitting and gardening.


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