Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Report: Paparazzi Shots Edition

I was first inspired by Bryanboy to take paparazzi shots , that's no secret. Aside from my infamous (chozzzz... infamous kung infamous) jumping shots, inspired by Caroline Trentini and Racquel Zimmerman, I never miss to take my OBLIGATORY paparazzi shots whenever I travel.

Gosh, I do have a big collection of them. And lately even if Bubbles and I just walk around the city, we do take time to have a paparazzi shot or two... dozens. We cannot have enough of them, no?

Anyway, so the weekend was spent on one paparazzi shot after another. I even managed to convert my friends into paparazzi-dom. How gay can we all be, aber?

Friday evening was spent in the our neighborhood with Maggie Cheung and Ermitanyo (shoutout to you, bitches!). After a scrumptious dinner of grilled pork we stumbled into a big movie screen set-up outside the nearby market.

Farther into the end of our soi, a large crowd of people were gawking at a female singer and her retinue of scantily-dressed back-up dancers.

This delighted the male spectators, mostly drunk, to dance at the foot of the stage, practically worshiping them girls who would give the Sexbomb Dancers a run for their money.

It was nice to bump into our friends in our own little community. The familiar faces included the coffee lady, the girl from where often have dinner, or the girl from the somtam (papaya salad) shop. Oh, we even saw the masseuse gyrating with a few drunken men.

The party, if I can call it as such, certainly had a nice neighborhood feel to it.

On our way back to the building, we ventured into the market where we saw men hauling and mauling animal carcasses. I hardly see the night-time activity in the market and despite the gruesome scene, it was nonetheless fascinating.

Saturday afternoon, Noemie Lenoir and I went to see some galleries in Silom Galleria. I've long wanted to explore that part of Silom since, I don't know, forever. And I couldn't be more pleased that I had few hours with Noemie Lenoir.

Gosh, he makes my ovaries make sommersaults! Basta, no guy in recent history has got me this excited. Hahahaha. Yikes, here we go again! Oh, please someone stop me from my delusions. (The bayot pouts.)

Anyway, the point is... we had a nice afternoon stepping into one gallery after another, talking about art, and so on. We also dropped by Kathmandu Gallery, which used to be a shop house and had been converted into a quaint photo gallery.

Kathmandu Gallery is close to BangCock's most prominent Hindu temple and on the other side of the street is a mosque.

After Neomie Lenoir and I parted, I met Bubbles in Silom where he inhaled a plate of fried chicken at KFC. Well, I also had dinner at McDonald's so I'm equally guilty. But at least the paparazzis did not catch me eating at McDo ha.

We then took the bus to Khao San Road where we met up with Maggie Cheung for some cocktails at our favorite Burmese bartender.

Of course a night of drinking had to end with noodle soup and lugaw, chai mai? Until finally, we took a tuk-tuk back to our little soi along the river.

Now, to cap this post, why don't we dance to current gay icon Lady Gaga's Paparazzi?


jericho said...

ang bongga ng phone booth pic. so Trinity-like sa the Matrix. Kulang na lang eh isang 10-wheeler truck na babangga and crush the phone booth to death. chos!

Anonymous said...

lafang kung lafang!


fuchsiaboy said...

Funny how the faggotry with Noemie worked an appetite in you. How very apt that you went to Kathmandu, which is a MEAT shop before. At di ka pa nabusog, you just had to inhale that BIG bowl of noodle soup. Mcdonalds, noddles...eeek carbs!? In LOVE ka ba?

kawadjan said...

jericho: di humabol ang trench coat costume ko kaya di natuloy ang shooting. choz.

ekra: aaaaayyy... don't mention it na. nahihiya tuloy ko (sabay hawi ng bangs).

donita: gosh, how you processed me. hahahah.

Ekra Tan said...

i like number one and number 3. i think they are my main reasons too for being a single lady. di ba beyonce? chos.

lalo na now this frugal living eklat i am into, i don't need a man to complicate my life dabuzz.. steamed alugbati and tokwa ok na yan.

people are people. lahat tayo di perfect. the issue is compromise. willing ba tayong makisama for the sake of pagsasama? relationships are beautiful don't get me wrong, but they're not all that as the movies show they are. life is tough, that's the basic premise. it is actually hard work to pursue happiness.

tama na nga. parand di ko kaya yon chos.

Importante Happi. like the toothpaste.

as one friend would say... GO LANG NG GO BAKLA!!


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